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Wondering if I have genital Herpes?

My mother has had cold sores for as long as I can remember. I have never had one. About a week ago I came home drunk and think I might have kissed her on the lips or cheek, I'm not sure (she had a cold sore on her nose). In the coming days I noticed 3 little blisters on the inside of my top eye lid. I put some chlorsig cream in my eye for a day or two thinking it was a stye and the blisters cleared up (I didn't even stop to think these could have been a cold sore developing at the time). During the time I had these blisters I fear I may have touched my eye and then masturbated. A day or two later I had a headache and noticed the head of my penis had a red rash on it, but I still thought nothing of it as when I woke up the next morning the rash appeared to have faded. I went to work that night (could feel tingling and itchyness around scrotum and pubic region whilst working but nothing too irritable) and when I got home the rash was more prominent and visible again. It also appeared as though it had moved down to the shaft of my penis. The underside of my shaft also had a red line running down towards my scrotum and my scrotum was saggy and red. The following day itching around my scrotum and pubic region continued but the rash faded again. The rash on the head of my penis was still slightly noticeable however just not as vibrant. The rash on my shaft disappeared completely, except for the red line on the underside. I should mention the head of my penis and shaft haven't been itchy and there are no blisters anywhere as far as I can tell. I think I may have spotted a small one right at the bottom of my shaft where it meets my pubes, but it is only one and could possibly be a pimple or my paranoia? I should add I am a virgin and have had no sexual contact whatsoever. Does this sound like herpes? I know my mother has hsv1. I have done some research on herpes & this whole scenario seems plausible to me now that I connect the dots. Should I go get a blood test asap? I don't think the rash I have is severe enough for the doctor to take a swab. I have never experienced anything like this before on my genitals and have no history or jock rash or fungal infections. I am a 20 year old male.
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The more I look the more I think I am finding blisters:(
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This doesn't sound like hsv at all. Your primary outbreak would not be on your eye.
It looks a lot like it to me. I have been trying to research other rash conditions that typically occur on the penis and nothing has been closer to the symptoms I have experienced other than hsv. I read that some peoples initial out break can be so mild symptoms go unnoticed. Would it not be out of the realm of possibility for me to have spread the virus to my genitals as I hadn't build up antibodies for the virus yet? The rash on the head of my penis is still there after 3 days
I have also noticed blisters where the shaft meets the head of my penis
If it does not sound like herpes what does it sound like to you?
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