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Worried about my son!

Hi there, I couldn't post to the medical board, so I hope anyone with medical background can help me with this -- or if you've ever heard from a doc about this. How likely is it that HSV2 can spread with a light brushing against the thigh? Let me explain….

My 7-year-old son awoke in the night 2 weeks ago as he had wet the bed (happens to the best of us). He was upset, and in a 2am haze I rushed into his room to help him take off the wet pjs and get into the bath. I was wearing a t-shirt and panties. I had an HSV2 outbreak at the time, and I usually always slip on long pants before being around my kids, but in my rush to help him and being half awake, I forgot.

So, after I helped his strip down, I picked him up and carried him to the bathroom. He was safely resting against my shirt until I was putting him down. His inner right thigh lightly brushed against my outer left thigh as I set him down. It was very light contact for about 3-4 inches, but because it was within the boxer area I have been sick to my stomach that I might have infected him...

About 7 days later he woke up with a fever, accompanied with a very green snotty nose and no body aches, no swollen glands in the groin, etc. So, my husband and I suspect it was just a case of the common cold. It’s been several days and he is still snotty with no other symptoms other than a small red bump on his left buttock which sometimes happens when he wears pull ups at night, which we have been asking him to do.

I know testing for the virus is ineffective before at least a month or two in order for antibodies to show up, so I’m just making myself sick with worry in the meantime.

How likely is it that a light brush of his inner thigh against my outer thigh could transmit the virus?
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Hi, hsv2 genital is contracted by direct naked rubbing to the genital area. It prefers soft mucus areas not the thigh. When we speak of the boxer short area, this is only in reference to areas of outbreaks not areas of contracting. Outbreaks most always occur in the same spot give or take an inch.
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That's great to hear… Am I confused about viral shedding happening anywhere in the boxer area? I know I read that, which is why I was so concerned. Thanks for your insight!
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Yes it can occur in that area but contracting it in the thigh area is what does not happen. Your genital area is the main contracting area esp when sore are present. What your suggesting is not something that happens or even to be concerned about.
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Oh, thank god… I've been sick every day for the past 2 weeks with this going through my mind. I just found a couple other sources that reference mucous membranes being the only type of skin that can contract the virus. So, even though that inner thigh area is thin and sensitive, it is def not mucous membrane, so I guess we're all clear. Thank you!
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