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Yeast Infection or Herpes?

I was wondering if a vaginal yeast infection could cause abrasions in the vulva, specifically inside the labia majora?

I have been having soreness and itching for about a month, and I just stopped having sex all together because it stings when I do. After visiting a women’s health center (about two weeks ago) because of these symptoms, I was diagnosed with Bacterial Vaginosis(BV), but the metrogel I was prescribed gave me a yeast infection. It also made my hands and feet feel tingly so I stopped it after 2 applications. The yeast infection went away with my period. I followed up with my primary care doctor, and he said that two days of applying metrogel was not enough to treat the infection, so he gave me a 2 gram metrodinazole treatment for the BV. He also gave me a Diflucan pill to take as a preventative measure against another yeast infection, which I took the day after finishing the metrodinazole treatment. However, it seems that the burning and soreness got worse after taking Diflucan. I also had to start taking another round of antibiotics this week for a sinus infection (Augmentin 500mg). As of now, my vagina feels very dry, almost raw. I am also having some white discharge (not like cottage cheese) and a white light layer all over the inside of my vagina; it looks like tiny white clumps inside on my labia. I went to Planned Parenthood after I noticed what seemed to be a tear or scratch in my inner labia majora alongside the clitoris. I was diagnosed with a yeast infection, but the practitioner also swabbed the abrasion for herpes to rule it out (she didn't notice any blisters). Needless to say I am freaking out, since I had unprotected sex with my boyfriend several times last month and for about 2 months before that. He has never had symptoms of genital herpes, and because of this, he’s never been tested for it. I won’t get my results back till next week, and I’m extremely worried...should I be? Is it possible for a yeast infection to irritate the vagina so much that tears in the skin or abrasions occur?  
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It's very possible for bv and a yeast infection to cause such irritation. Unfortunately all you can do is wait for the results. I will say that usually hsv symptoms won't last that long especially without noticeable lesions or tares in the skin. Which was the only thing you have said that could be a red flag for hsv. That being said your Dr and planned parenthood did not suspect hsv. That's a great sign!!!
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