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Yeast infection, positive for hsv1 genital

Hi I was told on Aug 10 that I was positive for hsv 1 gential. What I’m wondering is that I have not had any signs except the one blister they swab on that day. Since then I havnt felt right. Can you get a yeast infection toon from this and can your mouth feel burnt or raw like paper cuts or purned and dry. Also I’ve had groin pain for 3 weeks only on right side. Today I see alittle white discharge so not sure what is going on. The mouth has been like this for about 3-4 months. I do werid everyday. I can’t dkeep or work. I afraid to give this to my BF scared to kiss or be intimate. When we do that’s all I can think about is me giving him the virus. I been to the doctors twice for going they say everything is fine. Not sure what a out break is because I only had that one blister and didn’t know I had that. Thanks for any help but not sure if I’m having a yeast infection or a herpes out break. This is Taking a toll on me mental. I can’t stop checking my mouth and lower half 5 times a day. Wish I could understand this whole virus thing.
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If you have HSV1 genitally, you got it via oral sex. If your current boyfriend is the one who performed oral sex on you, a few days before you have this blister, then he is your source. Which means, he has HSV one and you’re not going to reinfect him. He already has it. You can’t give him something he already has.
If this is a new boyfriend and not someone who gave you oral around the time of your outbreak, I still think you’re panicking for no reason. HSV one on the genitals sheds infrequently. If you want some reassurance, you could go on suppressant medication that a would help minimize shedding.
You could very well have a secondary yeast infection, that can happen. Do you want to get prescribed Diflucan tell cleared up.
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Ok I feeling better after you explain it bugt if I did have oral with some one in April may June  same person and then back with BF about a week after than I’m not sure if it was that stupid mistake. I can’t take it back unfortunetly. I not sure if it’s a yeast. I just can’t understand  my systhoms and they kept telling me I m fine. Thank you again for  more understanding about this. I think it’s helpful.
If the blister appeared 2-10 days after your current boyfriend gave you oral, chances are incredibly high he is the source. So many people have a just be one, and have no symptoms whatsoever. They have no idea that they have it. And they can be transmitted via oral sex. I would not panic about this. Go to the doctor or an urgent care clinic and have them check it out. You could very well have a secondary infection. It does happen and hopefully a yeast medication will help clear things up.
Can anyone explain why I have groin pain so much and it’s seems always on the right side. It’s ketpung me up at night and I have it all day st work and it’s getting worse everyday. It’s been about 3-4 weeks. Been to foctits dnc they say it’s fine. They was my I OB twice I’m getying scared there’s something wrong they also say it had nothing to do with hsv 1
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