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You have probably been asked this 100x

I was told omse years back by my dentist that I had oral herpes.  I had really swollen gums with blisters on them, he said that it was oral herpes, sometime it effects people on their lips as cold sores and for other it effects their gums.  My long term girl friend has had cold sores (HSV1) as long as I have known her but does not have HVS2.  Is it possible for her to reinfect my genital regein with HSV1 even though I already have it orally?  Or is it possible for her to have HSV2 orally and transmitt it to my genitals? How common is HSV2 orally? Last question how soon would I see an outbreak on my genitals if it was HVS2 after oral sex?
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you were born in a very good year so for you, we'll answer it :)

have you been tested to know your herpes status?  even the best blood tests miss 1out of every 10 hsv1 infections but odds are if you had hsv1, you'd test + for it on the tests.   Just a visual diagnosis of oral herpes isn't always accurate - too bad your dentist didn't recommend going for a culture of symptoms to confirm. many things can cause symptoms like that in the mouth so hard to tell just from a visual if it is herpes or not.

if you do have hsv1 orally, it's unlikely you'd contract hsv1 genitally later on. always err on the side of caution and don't receive oral when your partner has an active cold sore or feels like one might be starting.  

hsv2 orally isn't very common at all. if your gf was tested for herpes and is negative for hsv2, no real reason to suspect she has it.

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What is the time frame that I would see the inital outbreak if she were to have it?
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If shes had HSV-1 orally you won't reinfect her oral location so no "initial" outbreak will happen there.  

With any herpes type the initial outbreak typically will show signs in 2-20 days.As grace said it is unlikely that you will get hsv1 genitally.
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Last question...is anyone aware if a largely distributed rash is associated with intial infection.  I have had a rash  from my waist to my shoulders on my back upper chest, forehead and cheeks...I am leaning more torwards EBV bc of the rash, swollen lymph nodes in my jaw & armpits, mouth sores, muscle soreness (like after a good workout).  Has anyone experienced or heard of an outbreak of rash like this from HVS2?
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many things can cause rashes - including viruses that we don't even routinely test for. have you seen your provider for a proper work up yet?

no, herpes wouldn't cause a rash like this.

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