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any one that has been exposed to an std

Everyone needs to get tested for HSV-2  igg and igm antibodies ASAP. it can do major damage to your central nervous system if left unchecked.
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We only use the igg tests not the igm and what your stating is false and you should not be going around trying to scare people. Whats wrong with you. Do some reseach before making such errounis acucations.
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I just did some research on herpes and thr central nervous system and you should really be sure to comment correctly. Try to stop scaring people, it isn't nice.
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I been doing research ever since I became ill four years ago. Retro-viruses are responsible for a slew of diseases of the CNS including Alzheimer's. MS and Parkinson's. Emergency rooms neglect to test for recent HSV-2 infection which is a big mistake on their part. Immediate treatment with anti viral medication during the conversion period would have saved me. But its not too late for any one out there that has been recently exposed to viral stds. Demand to be tested for recent infection. The medical community in Rhode Island neglected to do this, and my life is over because of their negligence. I'm just trying to save lives before i expire.
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