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anything topical to relieve itching and pain for HSV - genital????

I have had genital herpes for over 12 years.  Very few outbreaks - due to valtrex and some...ability to deal with stress.  Now that I am under more stress and fibromyalgia/asthma, I am finding that I have had more outbreaks than I would like!  Valtrex does help, but what I would really be interested in is something that is topical like an ointment, oil, etc... that can be applied directly to the genitals in order to relieve the itching/burning, etc...

I have read online about taking supplements re: L-Lysine - but still no ointments.  Please help, I am delirious with itching and pain while waiting for the Valtrex to do its job!
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definitely make sure these are all herpes going on as Petal suggested already. if you are on oral steroids or even inhaled steroids for your asthma that can trigger fungal infections. it also can trigger herpes to be more active too.  

are you still on daily suppressive therapy?

lysine isn't really all that effective for herpes. we don't recommend its use. you taking valtrex is doing 10x more than what lysine can do for you.  

as for topicals for itch relief - for under $10 you can pick up a can of dermoplast spray ( the blue can for the genital area, not the red can ) in most drugstores.  It's a topical anesthetic you can spray on for pain /itch relief.    You can also try steeping a tea bag, let it cool a bit and then use it as a compress on your symptoms.  domeboro's solution can also be found in most drug stores, mix it up and apply it as a compress periodically for lesions to help with itching.  

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Have you been checked for fungal and bacterial infections as well? Itching/burning alone are symptoms of both of those - as are dermatitis issues (perfumes/chemicals such as laundry detergent or body soap).

Remember, just because you have genital herpes does not mean that everything that goes on down yonder IS your herpes.
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Thank you for your reply.  Your reply and Grace's combined made a whole lot of sense.  I will at times get bladder infections, etc... when I am taking oral or inhaled steroids.  I guess it makes sense that with taking the steroids, high dose of augmentin for pneumonia would have an issue, duh!!!!  Thank you again.  Going to make an appt. tomorrow with OB/GYN and tonight will pick up some Dermoplast.

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