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are these herpes bumps ??

get tested nd hsv negative nd negative for everything esle

but i need to know are these herpes bumps ?
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Bumps are not herpes. Herpes will be little sores that ulcerate causing a scab and will follow a 7 day cycle say. Unchanging bumps are almost never herpes.

You need to follow up with a HSV blood test 12 weeks after the exposure to be conclusive in a negative result.
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i tryed to post a link of the pictures of what they look like but it didnt show " anyways i have a doctors appointment tomorrow " the thing im worryed about are what are these bumps on my shaft " some are raisded nd have a white tip on the top" the itching isnt crazy just here nd there like whatever type " stop itching for like 5 days to a week but isnt crazy " im just worryed thats all " there are alot of bumps on my shaft that are kinda white ish " do you know what they can be ? herpes?
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I can't see the pics. Permanent bumps are not herpes. It sound more like fordyce spots to me based on what you describe.
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there;s more then befor nd i think one of them just turned into a sore im not sure.... should i go to the ER?
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Consult your doctor and request a swab of the sores.
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You can still have herpes even if you test negative that's why they recommend you get tested a couple months later when your body has built enough antibodies, and herpes does start with itching which is very mild and that's why symptoms go unnoticed I wish you good luck tomorrow and I hope you don't have herpes but even if you do just remember you're not alone :)
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