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auto inoculation from hsv 1.

I'm fairly new to this website and i hope i'm postin in the right forum. anyways I have had hsv 1 on my lips since as long as i can remember. i got my first initial outbreak of hsv1 when i was 10 and now i get them quite frequently... any time i get sick, or stress, mostly always when i get sunburt... I never reallly worried about auto inoculation because i had a boyfriend that would kiss me with cold sores all the time and he would perform oral on me and i never recieved genital lesions or anything. But for some reason recently i've been worrying about inoculating myself... i'm very clean and wash my hand etc but the other day i had a cold sore on my nose that was tiny by the time i noticed it, it was scabbed over and about ready to fall off, i touched it multiple times and then washed my hands. Then when i was going to the bathroom i noticed an ingrown hair on my bikini line so i tried to pop it and i tried a little too hard and it was red and you could totally tell i irritated it. My initial question is..... if i touched my nose and then a while after or even soon after touch my genital and irratated that ingrown hair... could i have auto inoculated myself from what i've read after having hsv 1 for so long it's pretty much close to a zero percent chance of spreading it to yourself because you have anti bodies that know exactly what it's dealing with and it just can't happen... Question 2 i've read in numerous pages that auto inoculations is extremly rare and if it does occur it happens in the first annital ob. i mean are there any statistics on auto inoculation?  question 3 i'm more worried i crreated an opening for the virus to get through because i irratated my ingrown hair... i'm really scared and need someone educated to answer the questions for me. Some doctors, even obyns say it's possible and to be extemly cautious but for some reason i just feel like they don't know much about auto innoculation because it's so un heard of. Please someone ease my mind.... I'm losing sleep, i don't want to hang out with my friends, i feel like the lack of education on this subject is whats giving me all kinds of irration fears. I just don't know who to turn too, Thanks so much for reading my story and i think it's awesome that you guys care for others you don't even know and you support one another... it shows me good people still exist ... i appriciate what you guys are doing... and i appriciate you guys reading my novel on here lol!
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o and i'm 22 now almost 23 and so i've been getting cold sores 12, close to 13 years now! if that imformation even helps
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you don't have to worry about transmitting your well established hsv1 oral infection to other body parts. if you have an obvious cold sore and pick at it ( who can leave their hands off of them? ), just wash your hands or squirt some hand sanitizer on them.  really nothing else you have to worry about.

if you have a partner with hsv1 orally, err on the side of caution and if they have obvious cold sores, they shouldn't perform oral on you when they have one ( and vice versa for you ). what is normal bacteria in the genital area, isn't always so normal in an open sore on the mouth as well as it's best not to tempt fate and expose your genital area to active herpes virus needlessly.  also the "trauma" of performing oral with an active cold sore can delay how long it takes it to heal.

do you use herpes antivirals at all for speeding the healing of cold sores? You can even take them when you know you are going to be on vacation and in the sun a lot to try to ward off a full blown cold sore too. for instance say you have a vacation at the beach planned for july, you could start suppressive therapy and take it for that week to help keep odds in your favor of avoiding one. same as if you get a cold, take a round of antivirals in the cold sore doses to help ward off getting one then too :)

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thanks grace,
I was hoping you were going to answer my question because from what i read you know your stuff(: I'm kinda confused on what your trying to explain to me in the secon paragraph.... I am always concious of not performing oral sex on someone with a cold sore... in fact i've never done that. I stated i had a boyfriend who would kiss me then perform oral sex on me. Also I'm not sure if i wash my hands or not but i didn't pick at my cold sore and then pop my ingrown hair. I just touched it and it was a scab and a little later seen an ingrown hair and irritated it by trying to pop it. Also i was taking one anti viral a day because i had been sick so would this give me protection furthermore?  Am i at any risk of auto inoculation in this situation?  And i heard the virus does not live well outside the body.. sorry i'm just trying to cover the basis here.. Thanks grace!
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Okay sorry grace i re read my first post and then read your second part and i understand where i got confused ....It said he would kiss me and give me oral sex with cold sores. I meant to say i had a cold sore and he would kiss me, and sometimes after he kissed me would perform oral sex on me... He never got cold sores but since we would make out constantly i'm pretty sure i exposed him to the virus more than once or twice. I was fifteen and very un educated about that kind of stuff.
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no, his kissing you and then performing oral on you would not be a risk for you either.

any current partners should be tested for herpes to know their status too. you can't make educated decisions about what precautions to take for sex/oral sex until you know who has what. have you been tested for hsv2 too to know your hsv2 status?
Grace I am having a hard time finding a way to post but I’m hoping you can help. I just turned 30 and I have had two autoimmune diseases for more than ten years. I take humira which suppresses my immune system. I burnt my lip and the next morning woke up and it was  thswollen. I had a dentist appt the next day and the dentist said it was probably from the burn. The next day I had small flat blisters. I itches my vagina lip with my pants which irritated it and wasn’t thinking scratched myself. I was a little raw which is why I am so worried,  I had been putting bacitracin on my lip all day but no oozing. Could I have infected myself and even tho my immune system is suppressed my cold sore on my lip has healed in the timely manner. I ended up going to the doctor the next day who seemed afraid of me so that made me realize this is a cold sore and I just scratched my raw lip. PLEASE HELP!!!!
*scratched my raw vagina lip after applying bacitracin all day to the cold sore
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like i have been tested for hsv 2 alot in the last year. And in january was the last time i got tested for it. The reason why i got re tested even though i knew i didn't have it was because i was entering a sexual relationship with an old boyfriend... but you'll be proud i did the smart thing and i told him before we had sex we both need to be tested and we tested negative for everything besides my hsv1, which by the way i do not kiss him or give him oral sex with obvious cold sores. That is a given!! thanks for claifying you  can't auto inoculate yourself or at least with an oral infection. some doctors have told me that it's extremly possible expecially with a cold sore present. Can i ask why so many health care professionals aren't very educated on auto inoculation? it's kindove frustrating because they give you so much mis leading advice about it and so then your anxiety goes out the roof!
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Also i went to my doctor today and asked her the exact same question as i asked you and she replied it is very possible for it to be transfered from your lip to you genitals if you don't wash your hands. She said she's even said she's seen cases of it in her office, so i was pretty upset at the fact either she's not educated or didn't understand what i was asking her. But my main point is so many doctors and other people think it's possible.
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unfortunately most providers get about a half hour tops of education about herpes in med school. most of that is for treating it, not with how do you tell a patient how to live with it :(    

I think your provider just doesn't bother with testing patients and if they ask if they transmitted their oral herpes to their genitals, she says yes.  even if you never, ever wash your hands, you aren't going to transmit your oral herpes to your genital area. if it was that easy to do - many of us would have done it before we entered kindergarten! 1 out of every 3 of us has hsv1 orally as infants/toddlers. think of  how that age group has their fingers in their drooly mouths and then down their diapers/underpants all the time.  their fingers are in their noses, ears, down their pants, in your mouth, up your nose....

plenty of posts about autoinnoculation on the herpes expert and std expert parts of medhelp too.  You can search through their forums to confirm what I've told you.  
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Thanks grace(: your such a sweetheart and you've been so informative and nice, I appreciate it. One last thing what did you mean by " they probably don't want to test their patients?"
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many providers are still misinformed about genital herpes and the need for testing so they just visually diagnose herpes without doing lesion cultures and typing and follow up blood testing :(  visual diagnosis is wrong a decent percentage of the time plus since you can have either type genitally, typing is equally important too.
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Ya, I inderstand that. Its so frustrating... My friend got wrongfully diagnosed. And believed she had it for six years and then she found it she didn't. I felt so bad for her. I've already been tested for type two. I haven't slept with anyone new and my partner tested negative two and both if us haven't been with anyone else for nine months to a year.
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