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bump on lip

okay so i have a problem, and before i say what it is, i would like to mention the fact that i am a total hypochondriac!  okay so my related medical history goes like this; a few months ago i was diagnosed with a mouth problem that has to do with really bad gingivitis. (i cant remember the name, but apparently its common). every once in a while it causes a swollen painful bump on my tong that goes away in a week or less. apparently smoking and drinking make it worse, and for lack of better words, i do a lot of.im wondering if the diagnosis could possibly be wrong. also i have the herpes 1 or whatever (oral only).....i have had it forever and have been getting cold sores since i was little. so anyways, about four or five days ago my bottom lip started to swell up on the left bottom, right where my lips meet. it was mildly painful. after about three days the swelling has gone down, but the swelling has turned into two, possibly three (one is VERY vague) white dots, one bigger than the other, the bigger one being closer to the inside of my lip. they have very slight red rings around them, and are also mildly painful. the are not leaking anything. this was accompanied by another painful swollen bump in the middle of my toung.( this is only the second time i have gotten it.) im really scared that i might have something! i have been looking at pictures and reading posts, however no one seems to have the exact same symptoms as me.should i be worried? Please Help!!??
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oh and in case you were wondering, i am a nineteen year old female.
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Sounds like a cold sore. If you have been getting them since childhood you should know this by now.
Is this one different from the others? It usually shows up in the same spot unless you scratch it a lot when it's active. (others please correct me on this if I am wrong)

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i have never had more than one at a time...is that normal?
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it's not likely that a bump on the tongue is due to herpes. You have a well established oral herpes infection already and recurrences on the tongue would be highly unlikely.

Your current lip issues could be many things going on.  If you think it's more than just a whopper of a cold sore, see your provider.

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