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bump under skin on vagina

Ive noticed that many people have said they have a bump under the skin of their vagina.. where their leg meets their vagina. which is where the one i have is. i touched it earlier to feel what it felt like so i could try to tell my mom about it. but now it hurts. and im just sitting down. im afraid of what it could be. ive been getting ingrown hairs lately , so could it be from that? if you have them, do you know what i could do to get rid of them? i put cream on them which stopped the itching.. but they are still visible which is gross and makes me self conscious when i want to have sex with my bf.. cause i dont want to tell him. this started recently happening. normally, this never happens. so idk why my shaving is messing everything up. but the one under the skin hurts really bad. just like a pimple under the skin on the face can hurt. i know the best thing to do is leave it alone, or put hot compress on it. can i do it down there as well? i would really like some feedback.
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you need to be seen and get a proper exam done.  Trying to self treat without a proper work up isn't usually in your best interest.

have you and your bf talked about std's and testing?

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Im actually seeing my doctor tomorrow about this, so hopefully I can get some answers. Im pretty sure its a cyst under the skin.. I just hope its not too big and can go away soon.
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What is hot compress?
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