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can i catch herpes (hsv-1 and hsv-2) by giving unprotected *******?

       hello! im new here. i found this site very helpful, accurately informative and worth reading that's why i dececided to join. i've come across different websites dealing with sexual-health-related topics by far this is the best! especially reading Dr. Hook's and Dr.Hansfield's professional-opinion. Im from the philippines by the way, ( ive been tested for hiv, syphilis, hepatitis b all negative, im not worried over gonorrhea coz it can clear away by our body, as well as chlamydia) i've been disturbed for about a week now, ive scanned a lot of information about the possibilities of catching herpes (hsv-1 and hsv-2) by giving unprotected oral sex and i find it hard to find info that can apply to my situation. im a gay guy, and for the past 6 years since my first sexual experience i only had about 8 sexual encounters all of it are exclusively unprotected oral sex.  4 are from sexual workers and 4 are casual sex. i've never had any oral sores or blistes or bumps or lesions as i remember but i've experience sorethroat sometimes. im a little scared about getting herpes knowing there is no cure on it. and many people infected by it without showing any symptoms.  they just found out they have it after having some test. i hope you could give me some clear answers over this matter. your response are greatly appreciated!! be well everyone! :)    
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have you ever had type specific herpes igg blood testing done to know your status?

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not yet grace. what type of test would you recommend?
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it's part of being sexually responsible to be tested to know if you have hsv1 or hsv2. you and partners can't make educated decisions about what precautions to take until you know who has what.

you should always have protected sexual contact too - don't keep risking your health with unprotected oral sex!!

you can seek out a type specific igg blood test for herpes .
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