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can igg of hsv increase 30+ in three weeks

I am a male 31 years old. Exactly 23 days ago, I got an unprotected oral sex. One week ago, I discovered a bump on the middle shaft of my penis by incident. Then I waited for three days, it was still there, no pain, no itching,no other symptoms.  Then (3 days ago) I went to see two doctors, they are both very sure the bump is not herpe. One of the doctors said the bump is a sebaceous cyst and give me some medicines. But I insist to do a hsv blood test.

Today I get the result.
Very Sadly, the igg for hsv1+2 is 30+, (extremely higher than the normal range which is 0-1.1)

igm for hsv1+2 is 1.280,(a little higher than the normal range which is also 0-1.1).

I asked my doctor why the result is for hsv1+2 but not seperated. He doesn't know, but this showed the hsv virus is indeed in my body. And my doctor says probably I had hsv at very early time.

Before my questions, i should say in my life I never had any symptom like herpes oral or genital. Maybe this single bump is an exception, but my doctors say this is  not a symptom for herpes.

1,Should I need further blood tests? Since I dont know I am with hsv1 or 2?

2,Can I kiss girls or do unprotected sex in the future?

3,Should I tell this result to the girls I dated before? I never heard they had any herpes symptom.

4,A question I am curious very much, assume that I was infected by this oral sex three weeks ago, is it possible the normal igg increase to 30+ in 20 days and the igm is relatively low like my above result.

I dont know why the hospital only give the sum of igg of hsv1 and hsv2. Is this common?

At last, I want to say  I am extremly frustrated and sleepless in this week.  Hope any opinion. Thank you very much.
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I agree 100% the testing they gave you was not the way to go. You need a type specific blood test for hsv1 and hsv2. Combined testing is ridiculous. Only get the igg test. No Igm testing for hsv. The test is very unreliable.
You can kiss for sure but no unprotected sex. That's just smart business anyway though.
Get tested and we can go from there.
Thank you very much, I'll do a test tomorrow.  The data is so strange...
Combined testing just leaves more questions than it answers. Keep me posted
Thank you for very much. I get the result, my igg of hsv1 is + but hsv2 is -. Strangely, my igm of hsv1 is - but hsv2 is +.

Combined with the previous result, we can almost speculate the data, right?  

My doctor is not sure when I was infected. Also they don't know I am oral or genital.  

But I am pretty sure that I  was infected genitally by this oral sex. Since today I recall that I got two serious night sweat after the oral sex two days. Then I found the bump after two weeks.  
My bump is still there. My doctor tells me that  I can get unprotected sex when the bump is disappeared.  In a word, I think my outbreak is mild.

1,Does this mean later recurrences are also mild?

2,Another question, since my igg increase so fast, does this mean my immune system is good? I forget to ask the doctor this question.
Igm testing is useless for so many reasons and should never be given. Disregard anyrhing igm related. I am betting your hsv1 is an old oral infection.. your night sweats had nothing to do with hsv. Herpes lesions do not stick around unchanged for weeks. They progress quickly from spot to fluid filled blister type lesions.
Thank you very much for your posting.I view the very unusual serious night sweat as a flu-symptom. I must suffered a fever at night although I.didn't measure. So I think that fever was the first outbreak. I agree that the bump is not due to hsv. The most interesting question is my title of this post. I see somewhere the igg OF HSV usually reaches highest at three weeks after the first infection.

What is common(average) igg value of test at three weeks?

To myself, oral or genital is an important question, since it affects my future behavior, right? But it seems difficult.
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