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can you catch hsv1 with just one kiss

Hi, I am a 46 years old married male (have a child of 10 years) and was in the phillipines where during protected sexual intercourse in the heat of the moment this lady (whom I met in a bar) thrust her tongue into my mouth for just a second as I immediately withdrew.  What are my chances of me contracting oral hsv1 or 2?  I have done a blood test EIA for HSV 1 & 2 at 10 weeks and the results are asf: (tests for all other STDs negative at 10 weeks)
HSV 1 IGG:  0.04
HSV 2 IGG:  0.01
I am scared of passing hsv to my boy.  Please advise

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Hi, the rule for contracting by kissing is it needs to be some rubbing and grinding like long erotic kisses. Children are more prone to contract it easier, like sharing dribbling toys as their immune systems are not fully developed but adults have a fully developed immune system which protects them.
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Hi, thanks for your response
Forgot to mention that just a few days after the exposure I did have a sore throat which lasted for about 5 days.  Just for confirmation would you recommend me to test for hsv antibodies beyond the 12 weeks markif iI test negative at the 12 week mark or should I consider the 12 week test as conclusive.  Thanks again !!
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Those results are so low!

Your exposure was almost non existent. Over 90% of people would have sero converted by now with most of the others starting to have rising antibodies. You haven't had any symptoms that are likely to appear for someone initially exposed to HSV.

I cannot see how you are infected. I see you're very nervous such that if you aren't convinced at this stage then have a test at 16 weeks and take the negative as gospel.
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