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child catching HSV 2

I have HSV 2. I've had it for years now, before my son. I've always been scared that I will somehow pass it on to my son (had a c-section to prevent it). I kept reading things on the internet saying not to worry, you can only pass it on sexually. Although some sites stated to just make sure you don't share towels or loofahs. Either way, I stay careful. I store my loofah away from my son's. We keep separate towels. I do all that I possibly think I can, but I'm still not at ease about the situation. I've caught him using my towel a couple of times -last time being a couple of days ago, and I yelled at him for it (hoping he would stick in his mind that it was a VERY HUGE no no). I won't even let him climb in my bed anymore unless I've JUST washed the sheets. Even then, I'm SO leary. I'm sincerely freaked out -especially lately because I've had the worst breakout ever... I usually have 1, maybe 2 breakouts a year. I take my meds, and it's gone in a few days. -This one has lasted A MONTH. I've had an outbreak so long now, I'm so scared he might get it somehow. I wash my hands constantly. My dirty clothes go directly into the laundry basket. I try to make sure I don't spray his loofah while I'm trying to rinse mine... I just am so anxiety-ridden that he might still somehow get it. A couple of days ago, my son was putting on his jeans fresh out of the drier when he screamed. He said that the metal part on his jeans burned him. The next day, he said that his tee tee was burning and itching. I freaked. I pulled the car over and told him to show me where. He pointed to it and said, "Right here, where I burned myself." There was a small area that was red. I stayed calm in front of him, but I wanted to cry inside. Just the off chance that it could be THAT, gave me a sense of dispair inside. -Regardless of his own hypothesis of it's source. Yeah. I suppose it could be possible. I wasn't comforted. Today, when he was getting out of the tub, he started panicking saying that his tee tee hurt, it was burning and itching again. I looked at it, and it was indeed red and the skin was raised along the side of the shaft. Is this really what could happen when you burn your private area? Are those complaints common with a healing burn in that area? What about the timeline, should it still be bothering him? Or could it possibly be what I fear??
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Even a towel and loofah is still an incredibly low risk of transmitting the virus to your child. And the sheets?? There is absolutely no reason he can't climb in your bed, at any time!

You really need to put this behind you. I know personally I NEVER ever even think about the chance of transmitting this to my child - you need to be having sex with a person to transmit it to them, remember that...

Have you taken him to see the pediatrician? Stop thinking herpes and think "my son has symptoms that indicate he needs to be checked out by his doctor". Many things can cause a rash/itching, but do your parently duty and take him to the doctor instead of trying to figure it out yourself.
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