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cold sore or chapped lips or angular stomatitis?

I am quite concerned about an irritated region in the corner of my mouth. I play an instrument and sometimes the corner of my mouth gets kind of cracked and irritated because of the moisture. I obsessively put on chapstick to keep my lips moisturized.
This little crack or whatever in the corner of my lips remained for three days, only slightly stinging when I opened my mouth too wide, but seemed a tad tingly....but I have a phobia of cold sores since I have somehow managed to escape getting them from my mum all these years. I didn't used to be very careful around her, but for the past few years, I have been insanely, obsessively careful. I never use the same handtowels, toothpaste, glasses, or really touch anything that may have ever come in contact with someone else's mouth.
Anyways, I was at my parents' house about two days before the corner of my mouth started to feel weird. I assumed it was the usual irritation from my instrument. I put poly sporin on it to clear it up.
Then three or four days after the corner of my lips started this irritation, I found a slightly redder patch near the corner of my lip, but more on the lip itself. The corner itself ceased to be irritated. on about day five, the red patch became a little rough, and there were a couple tiny red spots, I assumed this was just irritation of some sort....now today (day 6) there are two tiny bumps about a millimetre apart on my lip in the red area. they don't seem to be blisters...I thought they might be mucoceles...
on days 3 and 4, I gave oral sex too my boyfriend so I am really concerned that this might be a cold sore....I thought I might be one of those people who is immune or can suppress the virus since I didn't get them from my mother all those years, but this slight irritation only my mouth is really bothering me and I'm kind of freaking out that I may have given my boyfriend genital herpes or something!
There's no way a cold sore would start and still not hurt or become blisters after six days right? that seems way too long for the prodromal period....I have found a tiny red spot that seem similar on the other side of my mouth near the corner...it's becoming somewhat symmetrical and it is near the corners, so I thought it might be angular stomatitis, since it seems to be bilateral....
This does not sound like a cold sore, right? It would have turned into blisters and opened up and crusted long ago right?
Thank you so much
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best thing to do is to be seen and get this looked at if you are concerned.

have you and your bf been tested for herpes to know your statuses?

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no we've never been tested, but neither of us has ever had a cold sore and I get regularly checked out by my gyn just to see if she possibly sees any skin abnormalities. also he is long dist so I haven't seen him for two months beforehand...
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I think it might just be chapped lips because the redness and irritation changes throughout the day, sometimes there seems to be almost no irritation and then it's kind of red again....again, no blisters, just a tiny bump...which seems to not even be there any more...i think I am just paranoid!
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you play a musical instrument so it can be a fungal infection going on.  be sure to properly clean your mouthpiece if you have one on your instrument and you can ask your doctor about prescription lip antifungal treatments. do not use otc jock itch/vaginal yeast creams on your lips.

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thanks! I'll go to the doctor today :)
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okay I went to the doctor...he said he didn't know what was the matter with my lips...he said it looked like I had small ulcers on my lips that looked like tiny canker sores on the actual lips and they were extremely chapped. he gave me a prescription IN CASE it turned into a cold sore...
the next day (sunday), I had a small bump on my lipline, I get tiny bumps on my lipline from time to time that are NOT cold sores (I assume it's due to my addiction to lip balm) and they just go away and don't turn into blisters or anything, they're just a tiny red dot on the lipline. they go away after a couple of days, but anyways, I picked at this one and squeezed it until it got all red and felt like a regular small cyst, no pus or any sort of fluid came out, I just picked away the top and then it scabbed over and has all healed over in like two days. like a pimple. not like a cold sore. anyways, my lips were still extremely chapped from this allergic reaction or burned lips from spicy food or whatever had happened in the first place...maybe bacterial infection? so I bought some carmex and put that on and then the next day (Monday), I had small slightly red bumps all the way along my top lipline (no pus, not blisters, just slightly red and making my lipline look slightly bumpy) and they have stayed until now (thursday), I also had two of these bumps on my bottom lip. My lips are still extremely chapped. I cleaned out the mouthpieces on my instruments and changed my toothbrush on tuesday and threw out all my old chapsticks and the new carmex I had bought, and started with a new blistex. it does not seem to be helping.
can anyone give me a hand here? I look hideous and my lips are so chapped and I don't want people to think I have cold sores because I am insanely careful and paranoid about germs. I probably came in contact with them when I was younger from my mother, but nowadays I am such a germophobe, I don't think there is any way I could have caught cold sores lately. I have also had a few canker sores lately....not serious ones, they went away in a day, at most.
I don't think my symptoms are the same as oral herpes, but I'm just wondering if anyone can help me out here? ideas? should I just go back to the doctor?
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