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cold sores-genital herpes

I recently has an outbreak of my first cold sore.  The outbreak was not bad compared to cold sores I have seen on other people, but was present for the couple of days I spent with this girl.  Throughout the night, I engaged in a long passionate kissing session, where I kissed he lips, neck, breasts, etc...  I also fingered her several times throughout the course of night.  Although I did not perform oral sex on her, I am worried that I may have inadvertently touched my lip (cold sore) and then fingered her.  Would it be possible to spread my cold sores to her, resulting in genital herpes?

Any feedback on the subject would be appreciated.
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You likely gave her HSV-1 on her mouth if she doesn't already have it. Were you not aware of this?

Someone else can probably say the likelihood of spreading it to her genitals.
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