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Hi, thank you for your time.

I am a 27 year old male. I received unprotected oral sex from a sex worker.
19 days later I got tested for the following which all came up negative:
Herpes IGM
Herpes HSV-1 IGG
Herpes HSV-2 IGG

I am worried that I tested too soon for most of these.
Which ones should I test for again and when?
I am especially worried about herpes as I have had some redness on my penis with a few scratches along with itching in my scrotum area (as well as some flu like symptoms or maybe this is stress related). Not too uncomfortable, but I have read that symptoms can be very light.

Two other questions:
1) I know it has been mentioned about many false positives for IGM Testing. But what about false negatives for IGM? And if false negative for IGM, if I do have it, would'nt I have been IGG positive since I believe it is IGM antibodies followed by IGG antibodies? Is there a lag between the my body producing the two?
2) If I do end up having herpes, what are your thoughts on daily lysine intake?

Thank you
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IgM herpes testing is simply unreliable in general.  I would not recommend that you repeat it at all.  However, you are correct, the herpes test was done early in the course of things, and should be repeated at about 4 months from exposure to be considered the most accurate.  Also, the HIV test was done too soon and the syphilis as well.  I would wait a couple of months for the HIV and 90 days for the syphilis, or you could do them all together later.  I think your risk for any of these is very low, however.  Receiving oral sex is not risk free, especially when it comes to commercial sex workers.  But the risk is certainly lower than intercourse, especially unprotected intercourse.  

I hope follow-up testing goes well for you.

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