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detection time frame

I had one instance of unprotected sex in mid/early december and about 4-6 days later I had about 8 lesions on my penis as well as the penis head being tender with an off-white/yellowish discharge. There was also a painful/burning sensation when peeing. I saw a Dr. a week later who said the lesions looked like herpes and the discharge was probably bacterial so he sent me to get tested, both urine and blood. The results came back negative across the board (herpes included). Is there a time frame for detection? It was about 2 weeks from unprotected sex to lab testing.
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I should clarify the part about the lesions; the were not clustered but were small, red and pimple like. They healed on their own, not lasting more than a week.
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The testing was done to soon for blood work.  Your doctor should have performed a culture on the spots.  

You will need to wait 3 months for accurate testing.  Given your provider fears that it was Herpes you should see them if the same thing happens within 24-48 hours for a lesision culture.  

Has your partner been tested to know their own status?  You should find out and ask them to be tested to know what they have.  Also make sure your blood testing is a herpes igg blood test.

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