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doc said clinically herpes. Tested >1.8IgM for herpes. 2 days after -ve HSV2.

Have been with same girl for 6 months. Right after i came from travel for 10 days had burning sensation while sex, it hurt and burnt while i washed with water. White scales were also out i thought it may be yeast so used antifungal cream. It became worse and turned into blisters and hurt alot. I went to doctor and was diagnosed as Herpes. Doctor even told i needent do any blood tests. I did on request, HIV, syphilis. Negative but got IgM >1.8.. I told my gf to do the tes she tested positive for both hsv (1&2) IgG, negative IgM .. But later i tested negative for HSV 2 both IgG igM... Doctor told it may be false negative, coz i got recent infection. Since my gf has both hsv 1&2 I guess the genial herpes is hsv2... Any comments please... I'm freaking out.. 30yrs old male..
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Ok. Hsv1 can be genital or oral. Hsv2 can as well but hsv2 oral infections are rare. It doesn't like the oral cavity.
Now what were her numeric values of the positive tests. I need the value of her hsv1 and hsv2 igg tests. Igm testing is absolutely useless and should never be given. Your Dr should have swabbed the lesions as well.

The reason I need the values is this. Hsv2 tests are very sensitive and can get cross over from the hsv1 antibodies creating a low false positive. That would explain the second test being negative. Hsv2 igg testing false negatives are not the problem. Low false positives are. See if you can get that info and we will go from there. I will do everything I can to weed out the miss info.
I'm also sorry to hear about your pain.
Really thank you for the response, her HSV(1&2) IgG was >27... The test done later was in other hospital to differenciate  HSV 1 or 2 but in my case HSV 2 was negative and in her case both positive no any numerical values were written...
Sorry for the typing errors, Her Hsv IgG was >27 but not spicific, the later specific test for HSV 1,2 was both positive but no any numerical values were shown ... Whereas in my case IgM was >1.8 in HSV but while in HSV 2 it just showed negative .... ( we did the 2nd test in different hospital)
Igm tests are really useless and not recommended by any hsv experts. In fact they are trying to get them removed from hsv testing menus for adults.
It's a shame no numeric values were given for her type specific tests. It is possible she has both but it is also very possible she has hsv1 and had a false low positive fore hsv2. This is common. I would see if you can have her tested again and see what happens.
It sounds weird but, she is so cool about having it.. not worried or shocked at all. because 3 doctors we visited told its not a big deal, move on. She is 39 years old i'm 30, even though we are still together not sure our relation gonna end well. She tells its just me making big deal outta it, i'm not gonna die or anything, or have severe complications. Its just the outbreaks to be concerned which gets better by few days of medication. I am from a south asian country where STD and social stigma is so much that i don't know if i can face my parents and society. currently i am living in China and the girl is chinese as well. Since the day i found about it , i feel i am living in dream.
Since she has both HSV1 and 2 positive, i guess mine is HSV 2,coz its in genital , she definitely won't agree to check again(she really is stubborn), it has to be me. what do u suggest, shall i go and check now or wait. my outbreak first occured on 1st nov, last time we had sex before ob was oct 18..
The area you have it has nothing to do with the strain of virus. Hsv1 is just as common in the genital area. I know this is hard bit she kinda has the right attitude towards all of this. Hsv is very common and if you indded have it you will find it won't slow you down on life's path. In time you will feel like she does
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