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does my baby has herpes??? please help!


Recently i went for a full STD scan and my HSV-1 cames back as positive with reading 1.26 (low positive), i scan for STD every year, only this year it is positive (usually it is negative). i cant sleep well and worried that i may infect my baby... i am actually upset about it. i planning to return for another scan to double confirm i really have HSV-1.

please enlighten me:
1. i noticed that my baby lip has a white dot (small one) but it is not a blister. is this herpes??? i also noticed that the side of her lip is extra red (is it herpes)... i am so upset and worried i check on her lips every now and then to look for ulcer. i really hope she does not affected wiith HSV-1. since the check up, i never dare to feed my baby food with my spoon.
2. may i know if herpes outbreak, will it always look like ulcer?
3. Does other symptoms like lip crack with little blood on it is herpes or is too dry?? tingling sensation on lips but all these does not end up with ulcer.
4. aboout HSV-2, my reading is 0.8 is really near the border line. previously it was only 0.2 or 0.3. i am with the same hubby all these while am we both tested negative before we got married and i am sure he did not cheat on me. my question is how come the reading will go up suddenly? will it be all these while the antibody is in silent thats why the blood test unable to detect it but actually i have hsv-2 all these while but it is negative??? i do have an outbreak 6 years ago (ulcer around vagina) but since that day til date my HSV-2 reading is negative.

i need to have more knowledge about herpes so that i wont scared myself to death. anyone can help to answer my worries?
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also i often read about HSV-1 Genital. as i know HSV-2 is for genital area. why is there HSV-1 in genital?? if i am tested positive for HSV-1 does it mean i have it both on my mouth and genital?
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Yes you can get hsv1 on the genitals.  It has few outbreaks and sheds very little. That being said your test is very low possitive and probably a false positive.  Happened to me. I would take another igg test. The fact that your hsv2 is higher than before is no worry. The test probably saw an odd protien.  When tests are this low it means the test saw something but is not sure what.This is common.
Nothing you describe for you or your baby sound like hsv at all. Don't worry. Just have another test in a few weeks. If that test is a low pos (anything lower than a 3.5) then you can get a westerblot blot test from the University of Washington.  This will be conclusive.  
If your next test is negative than stop testing.
Again, try not to stress over this. This is common and I bet you do not have hsv1.
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HI, thanks for your prompt reply. I feel relief after reading your comment, maybe i think too much about me having HSV.
i still can't stop checking on my baby lip, i need sometimes to tell my brain that i think too much and that is not HSV.

i am not from the states therefore it is not possible for me to perform western bolt from the University of Washington.

i would like to know how do we know the outbreak on the genital is HSV1? As mentioned in my earlier post, i had an ulcer around the entrance of the vagina 6 years ago (due to protected one night stand) not sure it was a rough sex or really herpes. i went to doc and she confidentially said that it is herpes. but blood test came back negative for all these 6 years including the latest one which is 0.8. On and off i do feel discomfort/ little pain when i wipe with toilet paper after pee around my vagina but couldn't see any blister/ulcer. i also noticed that it is easy for me to get yeast infection. i really wonder what was that and always i will link it to herpes. will this be herpes but it is staying dormant and the blood test unable to catch the antibodies? i really afraid that one day the result for HSV2 will become positive.

am i worrying too much?  
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You are worrying way to much. You would have surely tested positive by now. Protected sex is safe sex as you can not catch herpes through a condom. You can contract the virus in areas of friction not covered. The area of your ulcer was protected. Keep in mind at least 50% of the diagnosis by sight are wrong and your tests seem to reinforce the fact you do not have hsv2.
The only way to know the type of hsv from a lesion is to have it swabbed and type specific tested.
If in fact you did have genital hsv1 then I still wouldn't worry. It has very few outbreaks and some people never get another. It also sheds very little and usually isn't very potent when it does. Genital to genital spreading of the virusis uncommon because of this. I ppersonally would rather my partner have hsv1 genitally than orally.  All that being said I doubt you have either. Like I said I had a false positive hsv1 test at a 1.3
Breathe easy your tests for hsv2 are negative and that is far better than any visual diagnosis!!
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