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does this sound HSV2

Hi Dr,
In the recent year, i used to go to legal brothels 10 times. Always used condom. 3 times got unprotected oral.  The last visit (14 weeks ago), condom was broken at the end of the intercourse ( 4 mins).
(9 weeks ago), I went to GP for STIs check, he noticed group of bumps around the base of my penis and 2 singles in the public hear. they were small skin color. Actually, they were there for more than 3 months but i thought they are just normal skin issues. anyway, the doctor diagnosed these bumps as genital wart, he froze them, gave me aldara cream. I left using this cream after feeling itching, burning and redness between my scrotum and my thighs two sides (after using it for 1 month). After stopping using aldara these symptoms disappeared. Hiv and syphilis tests were negative , i have not tested HSV1 or 2.
i got new 7 bumps (1 on my shaft just under the head, 3 same previous and 3 grouped on my butt). so  i went to the doctor, he said 6 bumps are normal but one is wart (between my penis and tight). he decided to freeze all of them for sure! I told him there is itching inside my thighs and butt and he said this fungi infections, gave me cream, used it couple of times, left it when I did not feel issues.
5 weeks ago, my wife got 2 bumps, disappeared after 6 days.  2 weeks ago, during her period she got new 5 white bumps, there were mild itching and burning on the line of her underwear.  These bumps locates around the line of underwear or just a little bit inside. she went to a doctor (gynaecologist) who said 95% these normal but they look like herpes. She taken swap, waiting for the result. I think they will be negative as it was taken after 7 days of the appearance.
1) Is it possible for HSV2 to get these symptoms 3 times in 14 weeks?
2) My bumps never go in their own, , while 1st time of the bumps of my wife went away in their own, her current bumps do not heal (start from 2 weeks)?
please your opinion is it HSV2 or HPV or nothing?
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It is difficult to say what the bumps are that either of you are experiencing.  There is also an infection called molluscum contagiosum that looks like warts but has a whitish center when squeezed.  That is a skin to skin, not necessarily genital to genital, transmission.  It is often found in preschools, passed between children, but is also a sexually transmitted infection.  I'm wondering about that and you.  

I think that HSV testing would be helpful for you in this situation because of the symptoms that your wife has.  Would they agree to do an antibody test for her or only swabbing?  

Depending upon where you live, you can most often order theses tests yourself on the internet.  Where do you live?

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Herpes are usually blisters, that ulcerate.
You and your partner need to be fully tested for all STI.
Since there is some time since your possible exposure, herpes will show up in a blood test.
Remember, people can sometimes catch the virus and have no symptoms.
The lumps you are getting don't sound like herpes sores, but that is not proof you do not have it. Testing will confirm.
Stop going to sex workers too, it is russian roulette mate.
That's how I got it, from a hand job.
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thank you Aliherpe for you answering.
The problem is the doctor refused to do the test without oboious symptoms!!
my partner got swap for one lesion 6 weeks ago which was negative.
of course, that was the last time visiting such dirty places :(

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I live in Brisbane, Australia.
I have question: can the bumps in HSV last for more than 4 weeks?
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NO.  Herpes lesions would change dramatically or go away completely (more likely) in a period of four weeks.

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Thank you so much Terry for you answer.
I will try to get blood test and let you know once the result come.
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Sounds like a plan to me!

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Hi Terri,

I have got yesterday my test blood result:

Herpes Virus (HSV) 2 IgM       Negative 2.7 EU/ml
11.0 Positive

Herpeselect 2 IgG               Negative 6.1 u/ml
10.9 Positive

this test after 15 weeks from last exposure.
also the swap of my wife is negative and her doctor said everything is normal.

two of her whits smooth pimples remain at the same location without change. so that these pimples stay for almost 2 months.
I have got new pimples near the same locations: around the base of my penis and ones on scrotum. they are smooth pinky, no sore, seems to stay for long time.

what do you think based on this details and my blood test? does HSV typical here?
all pimples did not turn to blisters or sores.
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Hi Terri,
My Initial HSV2 outbreak lasted 6 weeks. The sores started developing after the flu like symptoms were over, previous to that were some painless small pimple like lumps which went away prior to the larger sores appearing.
The only time that I was sore free was around day 7 of taking 3g of Valtrex per day. Thought the sores were all over with, but within 24 hours of stopping meds, it all came back again. Sores lasted another 4 weeks after that.
But longer than 6 weeks, I have not heard of that.
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