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false positive/testing accuracy not that accurate!

Main questions doctors dont tell you about when getting tested or is it a mystery because no one can answer or research! because i cant find research!

why are there so many false positive cases w scores under 3.5/3.0 ?(found over 40 and not because of daily test flucuations,other diseases(ebv,chicken pox/shingles +vaccines,hsv 1 & 2 + vaccine,mono,deer tick lime disease etc...)/vitamin(vitamin a ) difeciencies that can cause low positives they dont tell you about when getting tested?)

Why are some peoples igg noramlly under 3.5 even though they are negative? (staus confirmed through western blot/Why has the cdc not warned anyone or changed the cut off rate?or at lesat warned people that everyones cut off is different and if you have a low positive test you might have to "test" the cut off rate! )

also why do some poeple test positive with the alissa and negatie w the immuinoblot(and not because the immuno blot has a higher specificity/accuracy rate or becuse they are simular to a pcr)
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still no one ;( ANYONE!
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Where did you get this information regarding low positive can be found in other condition other than Herpes? Thanks
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interesting but i was wondering the same thing far as testing accuracy in general because im a lab tech (pre med student) and im finding all this info on hsv false low positives and i doubt the accuracy w hsv scores under 3.5 because of data, research etc...but i was wondering how to cut down those rates,create better tests, etc...something lol but i also started research on other testing as well to find out if it happens as well w other tests but i dunno i did find some research on hiv false positives and diseases which can potentially cause false positives which was interesting to me but i dunno but w all lab work you run that risk.

i was also thinking for hsv maybe a str/pcr type test (something incorporating the str rapid accuracy if tha makes sense?) i dunno until they tweek the serology tests for those w higher than normal antibodies or come up w a whole diff. test in general i dunno

also im begining to wonder if some people that have a "highher than normal" immune titer antibody responses to immunozations such as Hepatitis B vaccine, Polio vaccine series, Measles-Mumps-Rubella (MMR) vaccine series, Varicella (chickenpox) vaccine series Influenza vaccine, Hepatitis A vaccine series etc...  is that alslo an indicator that thier immune system creates an "abundace" of hsv(any) antibodies which can  be over the cdc testing range and still be negative? if tha makes sense lol im just trying to figure out the immune/antibody response of negative people over the 1.1 cut off and could it just be that their immune system is "overproducing" for protection which may be higher than others "normal(mostly)"levels

i dunno ;]
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next step lol i'm going to fill out division of freedom information form w the fda (center for devices/radiological technology) hopefully we will find out more info!
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Hey... I know you posted that a while ago..but hopefully you see this.. its so great that there some people actually trying to figure this stuff out. My IGG came out to be 1.15 is that considered low??? Im going back for a re-test..i need any advice you can give me about this!!! You seem to know what you are talking about!!
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