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fever blisters/cold sores

i get cold sores in the winter time but i dont have herpes or any thing like that.i have been getting them since i was young. if i dont have that why do i get them. and how do i make it go away.
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How do you know it's not herpes
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Um hate to break it to you, but, yes cold sores are a form of herpes virus. It is a form of hpv. You should go and get the vaccination so you dont spread it to any other parts of your body. And dont touch your mouth to your vagina areas whild your lip tingles, itches, is visibly swollen, or open. Because these are highly contagious from anywhere between 7 and 20 days. If you get the vaccine you will prevent yourself from getting any of the other 2-3 hpv types. Do you get breakouts when youv been in the sun too long? Or If the weather is really dry? Usually they appear when your immune system is comprimised and your getting a cold or somthing. It is a virus and thats how they work. You can use tea tree oil (Natural antiseptic) or abreva. Both work well. See your doctor!! They can do a simple test (while you have an out break) and that will tell you all you need to know. Good luck.
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