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genital herpes dormant phase!??!?!

I'd like to be clear about something. I've read that sometimes you might have genital herpes without knowing it because it's in a dormant state. So recently about 2 months ago for the first time I had a cold sore, I keep saying that I caught it using someone else's lipstick but many people think that I've had before without knowing, because it was in a dormant state. Now I'm very scared and worried that one day I will wake up finding out that I have sores all over my genitals and that I have had genital herpes and didn't know I had it because it was in a dormant state.So now I'd like to know, if 2 months ago my immune was weak and my oral herpes got activated, wouldn't that mean that if I also had genital herpes it would be also activated at the same time?? Please help me understand and worry less. I'm 23 years old and I'm a female.
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Hi, since upward of 65% of the adult population would test positive for oral hsv1 acquired from childhood it is possible you do have it but only a blood test would confirm. To get it sharing chap stick is highly unlikely as really needs some direct rubbing contact to force the virus into the nerve. Once a person has it in one area they are basicly immune to contracting it in another and you cant pass it your self by touching your lip and then touching your genitals. Hsv2 is considered sexually transmitted.
To lesson the risk of contracting hsv2, its not a matter of a weak immune system but already having one form as its the antibodies that blocks it.
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Thank you Life360 for your answer.
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I'm aware that it's two different type, but let's say I had contracted it from my previous relationships, (I've had in total 4 relationships and 2 one night's stands), and it was laying dormant, wouldn't it get activated too when the oral herpes got activated?
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