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grey spots in urethra painful penis head/tip


i had unprotected sex just over a week ago, initially i got tingling feeling in the tip of my penis 3 days after exposure. now (9 days) i have a small grey patch visible when i spread open my urethra and the penis is causing me Sharpe pain (intermittent), no real pain when urinating however i do feel like i need to go more often, no flu symptoms or other aches in body. no obvious warts on the penis it self. loss of appetite and tiredness could be due to anxiety. what could this be? i have pictures if there is anyway of me posting them.
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This surely doesn't sound like hsv. I would advise you to see your Dr to get it looked at.
ok, i will go to my sexual health clinic however the pictures seem to look like urethra HSV see link http://www.medscape.org/viewarticle/532776_3 im really worried could this article be wrong?
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Urethral hsv is most always very painful. Especially while urinating. It's also not common to have only lesions inside the urethra. Almost always there are lesions outside as well
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