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help red bumps

Hello, I have had these little white/red bumps on the shaft and base of my penis for about 3 months now (about 2-7 at a given time) They are not in a cluster but close together.  The white/red bumps after a few days will begin to form a white head just like zit.  I then can pop them and white puss comes out just like a zit, there isn't any burning and itching.  After popping them the red bump stays around and scabs over and heals, but some of them will become zit like again and i then pop them again.  They don't resemble a herpe that i've seen on the internet which look like a water filled blister, they look more of a pimple.  My girlfriend has hpv and we have unprotected sex so i'm guessing its a wart, but it sounds like warts contain no white puss, what is it?  Herpes?  Do herpes scabes turn hard and stay around for 4 weeks?  

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It's neither herpes or HPV. You can't pop HPV like their pimples, haha. HPV is slow growing and doesn't form white heads. Have you ever heard if it sounds like a pimple, blah blah blah? Well, sounds like you have some acne on your penis. Relax and stop popping them and move one....
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You might want to just get it checked.  You could have molluscum, or maybe its just a mild staph infection, but why not get it checked and find out?
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Ok thanks, im getting tested this week, but I have another question.  Do all herpes blisters burn, hurt, and itch.  These don't do that.  And have been haning around for months.  Does this sound like herpes???  herpes looks more like a burn from a hot stove a sun blister right, not like a whitehead?
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Herpes is a very varaiable disease. It doesn't have to burn or itch. You  could get it checked out to stop you panicing about being herpes. Herpes simply doesn't behave the way you are indicating and I can tell you are trying to disprove this is herpes. To be honest, get to the Doctor and visually looking at this and him/her telling you it is NOT herpes will definitely help you. As far as molluscum, I highly doubt it is that by how fast they form and the fact you can pop these things which doesn't fit the profile of that disease. Dr. Hansfield mentions in a lot of his comments to people that pimples on the penis can be as common as the face and in fact even more prevalent for some people as it seems you may be that person!!! I think you're ok but yeah, have a Dr. look at it and get back to us what he says....
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