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Im still coming to terms with my recent (6 months now) HSV2 infection. I am one of the unlucky few that got it even when using protection (around the base of my shaft).

Lately my skin on my upper inner thigh has gotten very sensitive, I also noticed the same thing on my abdomen, just above my rib cage. A patch of sensitive skin. I had the usual tingling etc, then the usual blister (I only get 1 or two at most) and then took 3 days of valtrax but the tingling/sensitive skin on my upper inner thigh just continues. I also do heavy weights, leg press/squats so cant be sure if its meralgia paresthetica. Anyway, is this a normal condition from herpes?

Is there any advice anyone can provide?
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recurrences of herpes typically are just one single lesion.   they will not be like your original ob.  

at this point, follow up on this with your provider. these are not sensations typically associated with herpes. it could even be that you are just ultra focused on   your body since your herpes diagnosis and noticing things that previously you didn't think much about.  

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Thanks for the response. There is prob some truth to what you say, I am prob more hyper-aware of my body now. I did read however that sensitive skin etc in surrounding areas can happen with herpes and it has something to do with the virus moving up nerves or nerve damage etc. I know that this is definitely something I haven't experienced before. It's almost like sunburn feeling, it kinda feels like tingling burning, so sensitive, but not painful, just annoying. It is different to prodrome though I think and I have just had an outbreak and its still there. But as I mentioned I do heavy leg weights and there is a condition called meralgia paresthetica that sounds very similar to what I am experiencing and also interesting to note it is localised on my front to inner upper thigh on left leg only. I am wondering if anyone else has experienced this?
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