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i have not been sexually active for about 5 months now... and I have already known that i have genital warts and am treating for it! It is a topical med called aldara that i began using january of 2009. my gyno had mention that the medicine will cause itching and burning  so being in the 3rd month of using it my vagina started to itch.... then i began to notice 3 red blotches all vertically in a row near my vagina that itched.... (keep in mind it is not wear the warts are located. The warts are located all on the labia's so i apply a thin coat all around wich sometimes i feel smudges around into the creases of  my vagina.Another thing is ever since i've been using it I couldnt help but be over anxious about the area so my hands were down there alot!) Anyways back to the blotches after noticing those i noticed a white bump between my vagina and anus. It has been there for more than a month and i just recently tried to squeeze it.... white fluid came out just like a pimple then another one appeared, that looked exactly like a pimple with a white head,near the area and i squeezed that one as well which contained the same white fluid! Please help clarify what this could be! If this is herpes this my second std! Im really scared. Is it commen for others to have 2 std's? Can i still lead a normal life? Can i have healthy children?
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Yes you could have morethan 1 std but this could also just be from the aldara.

You need to go to your provider and be properly examined. do not continue to pop anything down yonder.

You should only be applying the aldara on the area of the warts, not all over.  IT's very irritating.  

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