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herpes after oral sex with high risk partner

I am a straight male who was recently extremely drunk, and offered a decent amount of cash to have oral sex performed on me.  I regrettably accepted and am now extremely concerned I have genital herpes.  After about 5 min i stopped the oral sex and out of curiosity I asked to see the persons penis and he quickly put an end to proceedings and nervously left. 15min after the oral sex I realised the mistake I made and swam in the ocean in an attempt to sterilize myself with salt water. I later realised that there was a laceration on the head of my penis and just under. As far as I recall in my drunken state the person providing the oral sex had no sores on his mouth. It has been six days since the event and I have only noticed a slight burning/tingling sensation on the tip of my penis as well as some itchiness around my genitals. I was given a cream to put on the damaged area of my penis for syphillis, and I have been taking doxycycline once a day for the chlamydia. I will test for chlamydia and gonhorrea in another week as per testing window recommendations, but my main concern is herpes given that it is incurable.  I am extremely concerned at the nature of the encounter. My questions are:

What is the likeliness that I have contracted herpes?
When is the earliest I can get tested?
Is it safe to have unprotected sex with another partner?
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The person's genitals are irrelevant, you cannot be infected with herpes from the genital region unless you come into contact with the genitals.

An oral HSV1 infection can transfer at very low probabilities, but not if you already get oral cold sores.

The chances of transmission are incredibly low and I wouldn't be concerned. If no lesions appear within another few days then you can assume all clear. Herpes lesions take at least 2 days to appear after infection.
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Thanks for your reply Fleetwood20,

Thank you for your reassurance that the chances are low.  I have been feeling quite itchy around the groin region and also some tingling near the urethra.  Can I safely assume that if this doesn't lead to an outbreak within a few days then it it just anxiety and or general itchiness and hypersensitivity?  

I am still also worried about being asymptomatic - i've always had a decent immune system and rarely get sick - and still carrying the disease.  I really don't want to put another person at risk.  Also am I right in saying my risks were increased because of the lesion that was produced during oral sex?

I have been extremely concerned because I was confident the person had genital herpes.  As I continue reading this forum am I right in saying that any person who has a history of cold sores has HSV-1 and can give you genital herpes through oral sex?  I have never thought of cold sores in that regard.

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So did you test + for chlamydia that you are being treated for it?

We don't have creams that treat syphilis.

Hsv1 is the main risk from receiving oral sex. Do you know if you've ever been tested for herpes or have you ever had a cold sore/fever blister in the past that you can recall? When hsv1 is transmitted to the genital area, it almost always presents with a very obvious and "classic" presentation. You wouldn't miss it because it is painful. We don't think there is much incidence of asymptomatic hsv1 genital infections so I wouldn't worry about that from this encounter.

How long ago was the encounter in question?

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Hi grace,

the cream wasn't to treat syphillis, the doctor believed i got in early enough that the cream could be used to prevent syphilis and heal the lesion created during the encounter.

the window has been too small to test for chlamydia but I had a spare ten day regimen of doxycycline from a previous encounter.  i know taking this without doctors advice is not recommended but i wanted to nip it in the bud quickly, and also i am overseas and private health care is my only (very expensive) means of medical advice and funds are very low.

i have never been tested for herpes before and have had lip breakouts before.  i have never thought of them as cold sores because it's always blistering after the sun or wind.  i'm hoping now these blisters still classify as cold sores so it decreases my chances of getting herpes on my genitals after this encounter.

the encounter was exactly 1 week ago from today.  i'm assuming i'm still in the window for a potential break out.

i welcome any further advice, knowledge.

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Hi Fleetwood20.

You mentioned "Herpes lesions take at least 2 days to appear after infection"

In terms of HSV-1 oral sores. After exposure whats the time line of them appearing?  is there a timeframe we can rule out if its > 10 or 20 days?
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