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herpes by indirect exposure plse help

Dear madam ,

I am a very dumb person , i am getting married after 11 weeks and I did thsi blunder , please please correctly estimate my risk , i do not want my wife in any risk

my history hsv-1 and hsv-2 negative

yesterday i met two chinese prostitutes ,

i avoided all  sorts of oral , anal , vaginalAnterior vaginal wall repair
Causes of vaginal itching
Culture - endocervix
Transvaginal ultrasound
Vaginal bleeding between periods
Vaginal bleeding during pregnancy
Vaginal bleeding in pregnancy
Vaginal cysts
Vaginal discharge sexBuccal smear
Causes of sexual dysfunction
Child abuse - sexual
Delayed ejaculation
Erection problems
Female sexual dysfunction
Inhibited sexual desire
Orgasmic dysfunction
Puberty and adolescence
Safe sex

i kissed prostitutes on there faceFace pain , neckCervical spondylosis
Head and neck glands
Herpes zoster (shingles) on the neck and cheek
Irritated seborrheic kerotosis - neck
Lymph tissue in the head and neck.
Melanoma - neck
Neck lump
Neck pain
Neck pulse
Neck x-ray
Oral cancer and legs ( all over body ) except genitals

my question, one of the prostitute put condomCondoms
Female condoms on my penisCancer - penis
Curvature of the penis
Penis care (uncircumcised)
Penis pain and licked for less than one second my penis , my worry is she put her hand on the portion of condom were she licked  and with same hand( her saliva , but i did not feel wetness on my balls) she touched my balls , now iam very paranoid as i know  genital herpes can spread like this ,

she was wearing cotton panty , she ride on me , she rubbed her ***** on my penis  , i was wearing my jockeys underwear and condom , i ejactulated , , in no case i was naked

can i get hsv-2 / hsv-1  like this any remote posiibilities

also i was in bathroom , when i came out  i saw second prostitute handling her ***** over her panty , my be she put her hand inside her panty , i did not know , with the same hand she touched my nipples

both the prostitutes touched my nipples with there hands ,

also i don ot see any cold sores on any of the prostitute lips from outside , may be bcoz of lipstick

you think my risk is very low or i should not get tested , do you think test after 11 weeks will be ok after this exposure , paranoid like hell , please please help

i cannot feel like talking with my fiance bcoz of guilt plse help , window period is very long
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you paid to ask this in the herpes expert forum. wait for your response and get your money's worth.

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ok , but in the mean time plse can u give me some relief
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can someone help plse
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