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herpes concern plzzz do giude me

hello doctor,coming to the point .
Am male 25 unmarried , i had sexual encounter on may 15 , exactly 3 week back , had unprotected and protected oral sex , but i have nt done oral sex to her , deep kissing , moroever on vaginal intercourse i used condom throught out my sex , but at the last am sure lees than  30 secs i removed condom cox it took me such a long time to ejacoulate and i ejaculted some in her vagina , even i asked her whether she is clean she said i check blood and urine for every 3 months , i dono how far to belive her ,from  the day i started worrying , am not sexually active though i concern more about that anxiety .WEEK 1 :: i got some rashes on and off but it get disppeared in a sec , so anxiety increased , so went to GUM clinic in uk after 3 days to give my blood and urine test they said its too early to find out , but for piece of mind i have given test every thing negative obviously  it gonna be WEEK 2  : i felt some uncomfortable on my genital part felt some mild pain in my scrotum , left and rght and it went away in day , and some stiffness on my groin par even now i feel , no sweeling no pain .some tme my left shoulder hurts .
Week 3: went back to clinic , and i have told every thing what happen on my scrotum , even i said it some uncomfortable in my knees and pain in the hip on left and right . she checked my scrotum and penis and every
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Jerry, there is no way to say for certain if you have herpes at this point or not, but your symptoms don't fit typically for herpes.  Also, your exposure without a condom sounds very short, is that correct?  Was this a professional sex worker or not?  

If you did contract herpes, yes, of course you could get married, but there would some risk of infecting your partner, yes.  You could also have children safely.  But I honestly think you are ahead of yourself here.  I disagree that the first sign of herpes would be pain in the leg.  Sometimes people have that with recurrences, but the first symptoms of herpes would normally be sores in the genital area, which you are not reporting, is that correct?  

I would advise that you consider getting a herpes antibody test now, and repeat it in 3 months.  Have you ever in your life had a cold sore?  If yes, then your HSV type 1 antibody test will be positive.  I think you are most concerned about HSV 2, the most common genital type of herpes.  Do you think you can get an antibody test where you are?

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every thing was normal , and she took some urine samples result yet has to come . smear test she inserted something on opening of penis and dropped on the slide , i don't know what it is ,  result came in 15 minutes its normal .
end of 2 nd week . from this week i stooped worrying of hiv . week 3 :and started worrying about herpes , this week no rashes , mild fever but am not sure is it fever r normal temp , no diarreaa , no head ache , but pain on my left leg , inner thigh , knees , hip , like pin needle pain , no syptoms on penis it very clear . but i felt some changes on opening of penis where the urine comes out  on the left side some times i feel it big sometimes its normal dono what it is ,
My question is :
1) whats the risk for me to contract hiv and herpes .?2) how long do i need to wait to get tested ?
3) If i get herpes is there chance for me to get married and to have children ? i dont want to transmit to innocent fiancee and children ? really this worries me a lot than my health , i have got very good profile in the society ?
4) Moroever i have gone through some website about herpes , they said leg pain is the first symptom of herpes is it ? .. plzz to guide me ... i lost my happines health . feleing like i let every one down around me
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am afraid is this the one to speak with the doctor , i paid ... i was quite whether i have placed in the right forum ... can help me with this plzzzz
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Thnx for the response....  yes my exposure is less than 30 secs am sure in that , moreover i was not sure she is professional worker or not , but when ever i ask her she says am clean ,. Am at week 4 now this what am going thrgh now :
1) no pain in penis , blisters or rashes so far .
2) But feeling some uncomfortable in genital part ,moroever am checking my penis , scrotum and anus for every one hour , but today i found out some thing on my anus like pimple  its not red , mild pain if i press it .
3) Moreover am gettiing some red rashes in hand small in size and it diappers in secs , will it be hiv symptoms .
i ruined my life by one mistake .moroever i havent got cold sore in my life , i have not been to hospital almost 5 years now am very healthy . but this incident screwing my life .
Tats y i decided to go for check up tomo to gum clinic am in uk . i have given my urine samples last week , will get result tomo ,and got appointment for hiv blood check up nxt friday.
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one more thing i forgot to add , am getting uring inyellow colour in the morning when i get up rest of the day are normal , moreoever i drink plenty of water ( 2 ltr)  even before the exposure , is it infection . plzzz tell what are the test i need to follow from today , i will keep move on with u r gudiance plzzz
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Been to doctor today , my urine results came back for chalymidia , gonnerea negative am least bother about that cox its curable , my most concern is herpes now , even today doctor examined my penis and genital part and said everthing is normal , and i told them urine comes in yellow colour ,and pain on legs , she took blood and urine samples again , and she ordered hiv , syphils , herpes igg tets for both hsv1&2 will get nxt week , moroever just now i feel small bump raised on my left side of lip no pain nothing could it be herpes , am scared to death . my question is
1) whats the probablity of getting herepes in single exposure ? . plzzz guide me dono wat to do am just freaking out
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I'm glad those results were negative.  And good that you are being tested for other things as well.  I'm not sure where you live, but in the US, about 2/3 of adults have oral herpes, HSV 1.  Perhaps it is common where you are also.  If your HSV 1 test is positive, it doesn't mean you contracted this through a sexual contact, and certainly doesnt' mean you contracted it through this contact.  

The yellow urine color has nothing to do with herpes or any other STD. I would encourage you just to continue to drink plenty of fluids.  Darker color in the urine usually indicates the urine is more concentrated and you could use a little more water.

The risk of getting herpes at a single exposure is really low.  I would advise you to try to calm down and just wait for the test results, as best you can.

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Thank u so much for u r response .. really it encourages me a lot ... waiting for the result lets c what happens ... in the mean while i need to clarify some doubts .. moreover i live in uk ... its been a month now so far i havent got any symptoms in my genital part..
1) But i heard if u r newly infected it will take bit time to show on u genital part  is it ? apart from this some time i feel pin needle pain in my anus but  no leg pain , hip pain  and small bump on my left lip as i have mentioned earlier its gone now ...  and i feel some thing strange on my  left groin upper am not sure .. i heard its a immune system started fighting against infection is it ? ... As u said its incredibly low on single exposure tat s really encouraging moroever am really worried if i got infection dono how to say to my future fiancee cox in my society its bit starnge to have sex before u marry ? i will update my result nxt week ... hope u will find to answer to my question thanx  in advance .
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one more thing i forgot to ask .. i have given my blood test as u know ... is it possible to find anti bodies after 4 weeks of exposure .. and how the results shld likely come so tat i can know tat  am not infected and infected  i mean the range values ... moreover i havent got cold sores so far in my life as far i know ... morover am not sexually active i have been with one girl in previous she had sex first time  only with me in her life so am damn sure she is clean , and she got baby too now  , and next with this women . so how far am likely to get herpes and hiv .. am just freaking out i know am beating around the bush with the same information but i couldnt go away from this ..only u r information can take me , i hope u understand me plzzzz ....
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Today i have got result of hiv , syphils , herpes , gonnerhea , chalymdia fortunately every thing negative , am bit relaxed , moroever this result after 4 weeks of post exposure . i asked them i need my results with numeric values they said we give only + or - , if you want i need to take appointment to know the, values , i took test in gum clinic uk . so far i havent got any symptoms in genital part , but got mouth ulcer 1st on tongue it went away in 2 days , now in lower jaw , i asked them what is this , they suggest me to contact my gp .
1) is this mouth ulcer related to herpes ?
2) if am infected by herpes i heard it will appear in 2 to 21 days , but i havent got so far ? can i conclude am not infected by herpes ? but on the other hand i feel am newly infected so it will take time to appear ?
3) i know 3 months conclusive result for hiv and herpes , so what are the test i need to take for herpes after 3 months, inorder to make sure am not infected , like WB, biokit etcc...
4) Last question , i asked the girl whom i had intercourse she took blood and std test it was negative , i dont know how far to believe her .
plzz to guide me with u r information really apperciated terry
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The mouth ulcer is very likely unrelated to herpes since your results are negative.  The test you need to take for herpes, if you are going to test in 3 months, would be the IgG antibody test.  

I can't help guide you about how much to believe this girl.  Would you feel uncomfortable showing her your results and asking to see hers?

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thank u so much for u r reply , this the problem am going through , no problem other than this i coudnt stop posting my comment on this every day am getting new problems in my body , as i have said early , i got ulcer in tongue its gone , and next day i got ulcer on left inner gum , its paining ,from today morning feeling burning sensation on tongue , like if u take some thing hot all of sudden u feel some irritaion and unsensation in tongue, tat s wat am feeling from morning  , last nght i had hotwater and salt gargling and washed my mouth i dono is this the reason  ,no pain in throat but if press on left side tonsillits i feel pain. and smoke a lot after this encounter , so plzz tell me wats going on plzz ...
will try to get exact numeric values and will post u , even now the results are from   igg anti body test . will get tested in another 3 months .
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moroever , i need to know what are the test i need to take for herpes am planning to do , so can u list out all the test available to find out the anti bodies like western blot , bio kit .
1) Today evening i masturbated after long time , after 2 hours i find my head of penis is red , on the other side it looks different colour would it be rashes ?thinking to go gum clinic tomo, will try to get results for the previous test .
2) moroover can u tell how values should come if i tested negeative , so that i dont need to disturb u again plzzz ... i hope am not annoying u ... hope u can understand me

looking forward for u reply .
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You are not annoying me, but I very little else to offer you.  
You can take those tests, but you need to wait 3-4 months from the time you might have been infected to your most accurate test.  All of these symptoms likely have little to do with herpes, but we can't be sure since your symptoms are so all over the place.  Perhaps going to the GUM clinic will be good.

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thanks for the reply .... some kind of crazy things going on my body , as i have told you i felt i got rashes on my penis , and i decided to go GUM clinic as well , but what happen on the next morning when i saw there is no rashes its like normal skin  :) so i have not been to clinic  , moreover mouth ulcer it started healing , i used anbesol now am perfectly alright i haven't got any symptoms so far i think am back to normal life but certainly i will take test @ regular intervals  . i have got some couple of questions and this will be last post .
1) As you said its really low on single encounter , but my question i haven't got any symptoms so far its been 5weeks now , if am infected the symptoms has to come now isn't , so what you think my chance of getting herpes, syphilis, warts on this encounter
2) am afraid cox am newly infected , so will it  take time for the symptoms to appear?  i know am hitting around the bush with the same question . hope u understand what i mean .
3)  what are the chance of getting hiv on this encounter .
i have learnt the value of life , got so much things to do other than sex :)  :) ..... my worst part of my life this 4 weeks :) Any suggestion could really be appreciated . this will be last post , and will update with my results when i get properly tested .
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hello doctor ...  am back with my results , but it look strange ,as i have told u in my previous post i will  get the result copy which has been done after 4 weeks ... this how it looks

CHALYMADIA -                           NOT DETECTED .
GONORRHOEA -                         NOT DETECTED .
SYPHILS -                                   NOT DETECTED .
This what it says in my result after 4 weeks of test .am on 9th week now ...i have given my blood  test for hiv and syphils , willl get my result next week . now  am free from anxiety no symptoms for herpes so far . i asked doctor y cant u order for herpes test she said we cant do that unless it shows any sypmtoms moroever there is lots of chance for false positive result . so we dont do that .
am bit confused now how to make sure that am not definitely not infected by herpes  cox am planning to get married nxt yr .. so i have to make sure am fine before tat .
so plzz tell me what i need to do .. am in uk tested in gum clinic . am not sure were i can take test for herpes in my place . plzz do suggest me .. thnx in advance

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Hi Jerry,

I had the same type of worry when I was in the UK. Yes, the hospital clinics won't test for herpes. But you can get the IGG blood test done at like a private clinic. I think I went to one that was at Paddington Train Station, up on the 1st level. Not sure if you are in london though. I think it cost about 50pounds.

It is possible to get the iGG blood test but you have to find a provider and pay for it.

Here is the link:


or you can try this one:


Good luck.
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Jerry, your antibody tests for herpes are negative for both type 1 and 2.  You should repeat the test when 3-4 months have passed since any possible infection could have occurred.
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thnk u so much for u r information .. will give my test aftr 4 months . if  u wish u can share u r exposure .. have u taken u r herpes test .only if u wish .
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hello doctor . thanks for information .but i was not very clear ... about wat u say .. like wat it mean( since any possible infection could have occurred ?) ... Almost i crossed 10 weeks so far but i havnt got any symptoms , how likely my result will be positive after 4 months on u predication ... i know its strange to ask u like this , just a curiosity plzzz ...
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I can't give you a percentage, I'm so sorry, I know you want more specifics, but they just aren't available.

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