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herpes detected

Hello Doc

I would like to  get your advice on the  Herpes test which I got done on 3 rd sept as I had last contact on 2nd August

The test that I took were HIV / VDRL / Herpes

The result for the negatieve and for the HIV1/2 and p24 combo test and VDRL ( RPR) serum test

However the HERPES simplex virus 1+2 Igg came as 26.90
HERPES simplex virus 1+2 Igg came as Below 0.050 and non reactive

I had got  all the above test done  2 years ago and all were in range these were done as a complete healyh check up is done by our company

My Concerns are as under

1. I had no Vaginal / anal sex the only oral I had was on 2nd August where this massage parlor lady sucked my Penis for less that 30 seconds and I asked her to stop

I am a regular Reader of your comments on Med Help and it has given me an sight that oral sex is safe for HIV but you can get other STI however will the levels of 26.90 be possible from one small episode of oral .

I have been going to this massage parlor 6-7  where I get a massage and hand job and mutual manstrubation no other sex act is done as I was taking cues from your blogs

On showing the result the doctor put me on MICROVIR 500 mg for 21 days this is an Indian medicine which is  an antiviral used to suppress Herpes it is from the Family of Famiciclovir

I had no blisters or visible symptoms of Herpes but still went to the doctor out of anxiety and fear of the sucking episode .

It would not be out of place to mention that I was very tensed from from 5 th august till 7 h sept as our company had started down sizing and many people were losing there jobs ( I know Stress is a factor inducing HERPES ) luckily I was not asked to resign

Can you please clarify the following -

1.Is it possible that I have got Herpes from Body Contact or do you think that one oral experience could have given it

2.I am married and how would it affect my wife
my wife has sarcoidosis and  this makes her immune system weak , would me being HSV2 positive create any other complications for her
2. Would herpes pass to my child on regular hugging and kiss on the cheek . Many websites say that it passes thru body contact
3. Can I pass it to my younger child who likes to sleep with us in our bed at some nights

Please help and clarify

I am  feeling really bad for losing my control and putting my wife and family in all the problems

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I understand your concerns. I am a bit confused by your testing. Are they both igg or was one igm? The results you posted are for the same test.
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Sorry IGg was high mistyped the same
Confirming IGg was high and Igm is in okay level
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Can you get a type specific blood test to see which one is positive?
sorry are there additional test besides H HERPES simplex virus 1+2 Igg came as 26.90
HERPES simplex virus 1+2 Igm came as Below 0.050 and non reactive
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The type specific if available to you will tell you if it's hsv1 or hsv2.
it is HSV2
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How can you be sure if your test was combined
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