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herpes on lip?

Hi, thank you all in advance for your help. I don't believe I have herpes, but I am still worried none the less. I have a few very very small blisters (much smaller than the point of a pen) on my lip.. they are not painful and do not appear to be crusting over. However, they are not going away. Here is my situation: I currently have strep throat and have been on penicillin for the last week and a half. I got these blisters after I gargled warm (well kinda hot) salt water.. the weird thing is they havent gone away. I'm wondering, could this be because of the strep throat, the gargling salt water, or the fact that I've also been taking a lot of airborne/emergenC? The blisters are clear and once again very small, some of them are actually so small they just look like little bumps. I've looked at all the herpes pictures and they really don't look like it, but I'm still quite worried. Any help is greatly appreciated to help ease my tension!!! Also, is it possible to have herpes on your throat and what would it look like? Thank you!!!
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I should also add that the exposure risk was on march 2nd.. I only started getting these bumps approximately april 4th.. is that too late for herpes to develop?
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and i'd say there are about 10 very small bumps and ~3 tiny blisters
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Have you ever been tested for herpes to know if you have either type?
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These don't sound like they are cold sores.  You can follow up on them with your provider to see what is going on.  

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