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herpes on tongue?

on september 2012 i avail a service of a lady sex worker. we had unprotected oral sex. after a week i had a nasty sore throat with white patches, i also have a fever during that time. i went to the ENT doctor and gave me clindamycin 300mg 4x a day for 1 week and it cured my throat. on december 2012 i had an ulcer all over my mouth most of them on and under my tongue and it was very painful. im having difficulty eating and drinking. i went to the local clinic and the doctor told me it was herpes by looking at it, and gave me acyclovir 200g 4x a day for a week it cured my ulcers before the week is finished. on june 2013 i have another ulcers outbreak this time with a fever and its only on top and under my tongue. its mild compare to the first outbreak.i took acyclovir and it help to cure the ulcers. im having second though if it is really herpes. i dont see any blister forming before the ulcers appear.
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i forgot to mention i used condom during sex
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is what i have really herpes on tongue?
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Hi, the only way youll know is by testing. The best test is a swab and culture but they need to be swab within  48 hours after it appears. This will tell you if its oral and what type if in fact you have it. Other than that get a blood test 3 months post exposure
The white patches could have been thrush. Usual herpes forms on the lips but could appear anywhere in the mouth. Your outbreaks to fit the profile of a new infection with the fever.
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@life360 thanks for your quick reply sir.

its been a year now since the possible exposure. and i have what seems to be an outbreak twice with 6 months intervals. i guess ill have to wait for the next outbreak to appear  or can i have test even without an ulcers?

i really dont see any blister during those ulcers appear. from what i read blisters comes first... thats why im confuse

and the white patches i mention is only at my throat. my lips and tongue dont have those during that time..
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you can have a blood test but it wont let you know where you have it so if your concerned about your mouth then it needs a swab culture.
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