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herpes or hypochondriac

Hi. A week ago I posted about a bump I found on my labia major that I was worried was herpes and popped it and it refilled and came to a head and popped with puss and blood. A pimple *sigh of relief*. I might as well add now that I have severe anxiety and have even had to take medicine for it. Me not being satisfied that I was okay found another bump that was totally different. I freaked out but you could see the hair in it and I learned my lesson from the first one not to bother it so after a few days the hair started coming out. Infected hair. Few. Still, worrying everything I find I think is herpes. I had read that herpes can cause leg pain and now my legs hurt. Mainly just one. But really only when I think about it I think. If I'm sleeping and wake up it doesn't hurt until I realize it doesn't hurt. A week ago my mom got me otc medicine for a yeast infection. I had some slight discharge that was whitish and a few days before this my boyfriend had fingered me and said it smelled bad. I didn't have a lot of itching but there was some slight white discharge. So go figure the day I get the medicine my period comes. It was a vaginal insert medicine that said to do it even if you were on your period. I did it and I kinda burned a few days after but that has stopped. Now, I have no lesions, blisters, bumps, or ulcers. I haven't had a fever at all, no swollen groin lymphnodes, no flu like symptoms. Below my right butt cheek if I press it it feels like it could be bruised but there is nothing there. I've looked for lesions or blisters in my anal area and there is nothing. I've done nothing but Internet research since this all started and I read you can have internal herpes. Now my actual vagina hole is sore. It doesn't burn it's just sore. Is it possible my anxiety is causing all this? I don't have irritation my vagina isn't sore to the touch. After learning about internal herpes I got a mirror and tried to look in my vagina. I'm not sure what it's supposed to look like but it's kinda pink I don't really see anything that looks like a blister? There looked to be some milky discharge but it's not coming out or anything. And up inside my vagina doesn't hurt just basically the hole. Could this be from a yeast infection that didn't get fixed with the otc medicine? Or something else? I know I sound absolutely crazy. I feel crazy. This has been going on for 2 weeks now beginning with that first bump and so far everything has been nothing. But my anxiety keeps making me feel that everything is herpes. Does this sound at all like herpes? Or am I a major anxious hypochondriac? Thanks for any replies that help
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Also, does herpes discharge smell? I just examined my vagina again and wiped to get some of the discharge on paper. It is white with a thicker discharge in it that isn't like dark yellow but it's offwhite if that makes any sense. What should I see when I look in my vagina? Surely I would know by now if this was herpes right? I've also heard of bacterial vaginosis which would  make sense when my bf fingered me and it smelled bad. But from what I can tell the discharge I just got out doesn't have a smell. Is it possible I had bacterial vaginosis and treating it like a yeast infection messed things up?
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Herpes comes with a little blister, or a small cluster of blisters, usually especially on the first outbreak for someone who is newly infected.
From what I've read, and what my ex-wife used to tell me, it can be difficult to see sores on the inside of the vagina.  They aren't always felt, they don't always hurt.
If you think you might suspect a sore there, see a Dr. soon, before it heals so they can detect it.
But often you will get the sore(s) on the labia.  Some women get them on their thighs or buttox.
There is something called a prodrome that precedes a herpes outbreak, and it usually comes as a very distinct burning under the skin right in the inside crook of the leg, and down a few inches of the inner thigh.  Sometimes it's up by the hip bone, above the hip.
It's not a sensation that your mind can create to make you think it's there.  In other words, if you get the prodrome burn, you'll know it.  My prodromes are more painful than the sores.
These other issues don't sound like herpes to me, unless there are sores involved.  Usually right before sores or blisters appear, the area will itch first - not be sore.  You should probably see a doctor for the vaginal opening soreness and the discharge issue.  It could be chlamydia (depending on if you've been sexually active with gential contact) which can be solved with antibiotics - easily.  If you haven't then don't worry about that.  
I know it's stressful, but either way, you'll be ok.  Every human being has some form of a herpes virus.  There are many.
I'm hoping for you that it's not though, because no one needs it.
Hope this helps!
Best wishes!
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