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herpes or something else?

i am pregnant and went to the doctor last saturday for light bleeding possibly from lifting a friends heavy suitcase the day before. the night before i went to the doctor i felt a small bump kind of in the crease between my vagina and inner thigh close to the perianum. I let it go because being pregnant and the fact that when i pee sometimes my underwear gets a little wet i chalked it up to a wetness bump. however when i got to the e.r. and the doctor checked the first thing she said is oh thats definitely herpes. It was one bump with a white top...basically the whole top was white...i took pictures when she went away. i find out tomorrow if the tests came up positive for herpes (i'm hoping not) but tonight i was feeling around and took pictures again and now it looks as though it has a round edge with a depression in it. the bump itself is bothersome but i dont have any other issues...no burning when i pee or anything just the weird painful bump.
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Hi, since your pregnant youll need to have a herpes blood test as will your partner but herpes sores are not with a white head but a clear liquid center. For the examiner to see a white head and say its herpes leads me to believe they dont know much about herpes.
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