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herpes risk from kissing, oral, and vaginal fluid?

I have been dating a girl for a couple of weeks.  We have kissed with tongues many times.  Last Friday, she performed oral sex on me, and I fingered her, after which it is possible that my genital area was exposed to her vaginal fluid when I was wiping up.  We also cuddled for a while afterward, during which time my genital area was in contact roughly with her thigh.  We have not engaged in coitus.  On Monday, she told me that she had found some small blisters around her vagina.  She is not sure what they are.  While I understand that it may not be entirely rational, I am absolutely terrified of the possibility that, if she does have either type of herpes on her genitals, I may have contracted it from this exposure.  I have felt some tingling and itching today (Tuesday), but for all I know it could be the sort of thing I normally feel(in my terrified state, I can't seem to remember clearly how much tingling or itching I usually have), or even somehow caused by mild hypochondria.  I really hope I'm over-reacting (I literally nearly fainted when she told me), so anything reassuring you have to say will be much appreciated.  Also, in general, I would like to commend you folks for providing this service.  This stuff is really scary, whether it should be or not.
So, my questions are these:
1.  Assuming that she does have either type of herpes on her genitals and that she had those sores during our encounter, what is the level of risk that I contracted it from what I described (kissing, oral sex, slight exposure to vaginal fluid, skin contact near but not in immediate vicinity of infected area)?  
2.  To put things in perspective how likely is it even to contract herpes from a single instance of unprotected sex with someone with an active outbreak?
3.  How common is it to have blisters around one's vagina that are not indicative of herpes?  Is the size of them significant at all(she said they were pretty small)?
4.  Should I refrain from any sexual contact, including kissing, until she, I, or both of us have been tested?
5.  If I/we do get tested, are there different tests, and is one or the other better?  How long should I wait before I get tested?  Should I get a baseline test (I don't think I would qualify for free testing, and I don't care how I got it, just if I got it)?

Thank you so much for your time.
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