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herpes zoster


I had a herpes zoster month ago . Im recovering now but i have few questions:
1. Do herpes zoster can caused by a laser hear removal treatment ?
2. Can i continue the laser hear removal treatment after recovery? is there a rist to get this agin ?

Thanks .
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usually it's hsv1 orally that is triggered by laser hair removal in the facial area.

how were you diagnosed as having zoster?  where was your rash located?

shingles rarely reoccurs. no reason not to continue hair removal once things are all back to normal for you.

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Hi Grace
Thanks for the answer . a dermatologist diagnosed me as having zoster . The rash was located at right chest , back and armpit .This is part of the hear removal treatment .
I’m quite hesitate to continue the treatment also I feel great now but I’m happy you mentioned that no reason not to continue hair removal once things are all back to normal for you. Appreciate for more data if avaliable  .

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not really much data out there. zoster and laser hair removal isn't very common.  did the dermatologist do a lesion culture or just a visual diagnosis of shingles?

should your rash reoccur, definitely further work up is needed.

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