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Sent by poohbear73 21 hours

My husband has a cold sore on his lip and now on private he says he thinks he touched his lip and then went to the bathroom and didn't wash hands.is it possible to give himself herpes on private.weve been married for 25 yrs and I don't know if I should think he cheated. This is his second outbreak on lip within 6 month period..looking for answers
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Like most people, your partner most likely has had HSV1 since his youth. I take it he gets cold sores at some frequency, maybe once every few years?

Either way, a couple of outbreaks six months apart is not relevant or an indicator of much.

He is immune from spreading his cold sores to his penis.

If this sore is herpes (why do you think it is?) then it is most likely HSV2. If that turns out to be the case, then yes the question of cheating could be raised.
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Thanks....he swears he's never cheated. He had not been tested yet, we just assumed his sore/rash on private was from his cold sore. He is going to dr to get tested and i hope it was not herpes, I'm so confused. I don't want to accuse him but this is really making me question it all. Uggg...thanks for answering
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The sore is not related to his oral HSV1 infection, rule that out.

Hence the assumption that the sore is related to herpes is not in any way validated. It may just be a pimple, blocked duct, inflamed fordyce spot for example.

Please step right back from assumptions until a doctor has examined.
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