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how to read results


I had an encounter that included a covered blowjob and pelvic grinding with clothes off (condom on) and a covered hand job. I now believe I have HSV2. Does this some plausible?

13 days after the incident I tested 1.6 IGG
17 days after the incident I tested 1.38 IGG
20 day after the incident I tested .9 IgM and 1.22 IGG

I don't have symptoms except ones that could be attributed to panic attacks (loss of appetite, stomach ache, clammy but with no temperature.)

I do seem to have 3 small red dots on the shaft of my penis that have no sensation. This is 24 days after the incident.

Am I definitely positive?

Can any other information be extrapolated from my lab results? As in, is it likely I was already positive or is this a new infection?

Should I get the Western Blot?

thanks you for your input
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I meant to say "sound plausible"
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Do you have HSV1, oral cold sores perhaps?

Is this definitely a test with 1.1 as the cutoff?

Overall this seems a very low risk of HSV2. I would doubt infection would arise from this particular episode.

You are testing too early for HSV2. This means one of two things:
- if you are positive, you probably have had HSV2 before this epsiode; or
- it is a false positive

The fact that it is going down, although maybe not more than chance, is a reasonable sign of a false positive. Most positive people escalate to higher numbers from infection.

I'd wait until 12 weeks and have another IgG test. If still low positive then a WB might be  good idea.
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Thank you Fleetwood20.

I have tested negative for HSV1.

The test does have a 1.1 as cutoff.

Does the IgM reading have any meaning?

Can a person get a few red spots on their shaft as a HSV2 symptom?
They have been there for a week but have no sensation. I would love to post a picture bit don't know how.

Any words to this scenario would be most helpful.

thank you
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what ARE the odds of testing positive after 13 days contact


do people test low positive multiple times and THEN
test negative?

thanks you!
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one other comment-

the reason I got tested initially was a day that I need to urinate every 10 minutes. is this a symptom of HSV2?
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Hi, no its not a symptom. Is it possible to contract herpes from genital grinding? Yes Is it probable that you just contracted herpes? No it is not.
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Thanks for the reply Life360.

Are you certain that frequent urination is not a symptom? I have read elsewhere that it is.

Can you comment on the other questions?

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I am still wondering about the red spots on the shaft with no sensation. Could herpes spots look like this? Would they necessarily turn into lesions? Mine seem to be holding steady, maybe receding a little.

PLEASE give me some info, I am dying of anxiety.

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It is much more likely that if infected you'd have had noticeable sores within a week on your penis. A few red spots a month later would not be an indicator.

Frequent urination is not a symptom of herpes.

Follow up with a test at 12 weeks post exposure, I'd be thinking this will be negative.
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Oh man,

you are really giving me hope.

Have you observed a scenario like this?

Even with 3 positives (Herpeselect IGG)?

Can a person accurately test positive in under 2 weeks?

I hope to god your analysis turns out correct.
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It would be exceptionally unlikely to test positive within 14 days of infection, IgG antibodies take at least that time to appear. You've had three tests in a week, this can hardly be considered separate tests. Plus the reading is going down but is essentially the same level.

Test at week 12 is low positive then WB; best approach you can follow.
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