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hsv-1 how did I get it? Risks?

I recently contracted hsv-1 (oral herpes) from my boyfriend. He has been getting cold sores ever since he was a child.
However, I am confused as to how I contracted it because 2 days prior to my outbreak, I performed oral sex on him.

I need to know if I got it from kissing him or from the oral sex. He swears that he has never had anyone go down on him before. He is a virgin. So far he has been honest with me and very trustworthy, so I dont think he has any reason to lie to me about this. I dont think he has had anyone perform oral sex on him before. Is it possible that he could have genital herpes? Like I said, I got hsv-1 from him so is that unlikely? I didn't notice a cold sore when we were together, but maybe it was just viral shedding?

My symptoms included: sore on bottom lip, fever, and herpetic gingivostomatitis (which are painful sores or lesions inside the mouth and throat, like a sore throat)
Could I have gotten herpetic gingivostomatitis  if it was just kissing? I feel like an infection that large wouldn't just be from kissing, maybe oral sex. But I'm no doctor.

if i go down on him again, will I experience these same painful symptoms?

If he does NOT have a cold sore and goes down on me, what is the risk that I will develop genital herpes?
I've been told there is a LOW risk because we are both infected with the same strain. Is this true?

Sorry for the many questions but anyone who can help, I appreciate it!
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good that you had proper testing done :)
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Yes I was swabbed, it was not just visually diagnosed.
But thanks!
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did they actually swab your symptoms or just visually diagnose it?

http://www.ashastd.org/std-sti-works/Herpes/oral-herpes.html  has terrific info on oral herpes for more reading for you and your  partner.

1 out of every 3 of us contract hsv1 orally before we even start public school. When we are young, it's easily transmitted to infants/toddlers from care givers and play mates. even though your partner is a virgin, he could've easily contracted hsv1 orally when he was younger or from anyone he's ever kissed. Just because he hasn't had obvious cold sores, doesn't mean anything.

you don't have to refrain from receiving oral sex from your partner for a few months either.  You certainly though should not be performing oral sex on him at this point until your mouth symptoms have completely went away and the skin is back to normal.

you have multiple posts on this topic  - let's keep all further questions/comments in this one - thanks!

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Thank you for the info!
You said it was unlikely that I got herpetic gingivostomatitis, but I did. My doctor printed out a sheet with all my information on it from the appointment. I am glad though that another outbreak won't be as intense.
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I'm 99% sure you got this from kissing him and despite the severity of symptoms, this is somewhat typical for a primary outbreak of oral HSV-1. It's very unlikely that he has genital HSV-1 because it is only contagious 12 days (3% of days/year) out of the year whereas oral HSV-1 is contagious up to 33% of days/year.

It is unlikely that you got herpetic gingivostomatitis. Your future outbreaks will be much more milder than this one where you could just develop a single lesion on your bottom lip. The symptoms (fever, sore throat) you are experiencing are typical for the first outbreak, but almost always never occur during recurrences.

I'd wait to perform oral on him just for the sake of comfort. Since this is the same strain of HSV-1, you and him are immune to getting it again regardless of location, which is especially true considering he was the source of your infection. Still, it's not a good idea to perform oral with obvious lesions because if your lesion is open, bacteria from his penis can infect/irritate it more, which will prolong the healing process.

Yes, you will not be reinfected as described above in any location of your/his body. HOWEVER, right now you're in your primary outbreak and your body has just begun to produce antibodies to fight the virus. I would refrain from receiving oral sex from him for a few months to keep it safe so your antibodies will be sufficient, and that's just me being careful. Feel free to ask more questions.
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