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hsv1 and 2 ....whats 6, 7 and 8?

Dear all:

I had skin with skin contact with a hiv+ guy 4 weeks ago. NO penetration, he just gave me oral sex

Today is one week sore and itching
Its clear I do have hsv.. I´ll visit an infectologyst on Monday
Im hiv negative

QUESTION: Could I have had hsv-8 and then sarcoma kaposis? Whats that about type 4- 5-6- 7?
Or I just have to check types 1 and 2?
I´m really confused ,,,

I´ll really appreciate your clearing comments

Thanks in advance
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going to be seen and getting a proper work up done is the best course of action. get your symptoms examined and tested thought at this point it's rather late for a herpes lesion culture since it's over a week into symptoms.

we only routinely test for herpes 1 and 2.  

1494472 tn?1299614037
thanks grace

but i´m still confused in the concept,,,,
are type 1 and 2 the only hsv and then 345678 the diferent general evolution in each pacient or punctual situation?
could anybody directly be geting type7 or 8 ?


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