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hsv1 arm blister

Good day...I was diagnosed wth hsv1 over a yr ago and never experienced cold sore..recently..I got a blister on my inner arm...over the yr what I hv experienced is twitching throughout my body...sometimes I felt a little tingli on my upper lip but no cold sores...I also experience extreme itching in my vaginal area...I am not sure if I hv hsv1 of the vaginal area or oral...still really confused...cn I hv hsv1 in both areas..Dr...plz help...when I experienced the blister recently..I took valtrex and used the zorivax cream..I also used vitamin C to dry up the blister...plz tell me Hw to stop these twitching feelings also...too much to concentrate sometimes..I use benadryl often bcz of the itching and it helps a bit...help...

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even though about 60% of us have hsv1 orally, only 20-40% ever get obvious cold sores to know that they are infected.  You can thank mom and dad for passing on the right gene to you if you have hsv1 and don't get obvious cold sores!!

really no reason to think your hsv1 is genital.  

usually just itching in the genital area isn't herpes related. you should be seen and properly tested for yeast and bacterial infections vaginally which are both common causes of these symptoms in women.   no reason to be taking valtrex for these symptoms. zovirax cream is ineffective for genital herpes recurrences so that was also wasting time and money :(

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Thnx for your response...what can I do to prevent these horrible blisters...the one I got on my arm was tiny at first and appeared wth no real symptoms so I used an antifungal cream thinking it was a rash..the second day I saw much more bumps..third day they had the water filled blisters...used the zorivax and it didn't do much...so I used the Vit C and it dried out the blisters...y would I get a blister on my arm when I hv never gotten one on my mouth or genital area...herpes is a really complicated disease hehe...its annoying but trying to find a way to live with it...do you know of anyone with the twitching issues associated wth herpes...if yes..Hw cn I stop this from happening..thnx
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Did you get a lesion culture on arm?
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No I did not but it looked exactly like the pics online
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Hi also, to have an outbreak on the arm is not that common but as Grace suggested, if its reocurring then have it swabbed as is the only way to know.
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Thnx for your response Life360......how do u deal wth this disease on a day to day basis...I thnk tryi to figure this stuff out will drive me crzy...
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