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hsv1 tingling

I think I may have contracted hsv1.

It started when I kissed my friend on the cheek without thinking, she does get cold sore however she did not
have a visible sore at the time. However I am aware that it is still contagious when there isn't a sore visible

Two days later I woke up with my lip tingling all day long, later that night it itched a little bit so i started applying hydrogen peroxide. I woke up the next day and saw a part of my lip was red and dry looking like it healed but no sore. My redness went away within a day however for two weeks now I have had constant tingling with slight itching and red on different parts of my lip. I have been faithful with applying hydrogen peroxide through out the day. Does tingling usually last for two weeks straight?  
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kissing someone on the cheek isn't a risk for contracting hsv1 orally.

peroxide is chlorine free bleach. it actually does far more harm to skin than it does good.  never use it full strength on skin and don't use it without being told by a medical provider to do so.    you are actually drying your lips out and irritating them needlessly :(

have you ever been tested for herpes to know your own status?

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thank you for responding!
I have not been tested however all of my signs and symptoms point to hsv1.
THe peroxide is bad however maybe it prevented a sore from appearing? or it could be a coincidence.
is it rare to see tingling on several parts of the lip last for two weeks?

thank you
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actually the peroxide probably just dried out your lips and irritated them to cause most of the symptoms you've had :(  

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