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hunter hansfield

Hi I had an unprotected oral sex with some one I met in a party. immediately after that i got some irritation on my penis .After A week I got strong burning sensation on my hands and legs and was having an UTI .My doctor gave me anti biotics and it got reduced but was not completely cured .We did a urine culture and came back negative for that .
Later I came to know that she was positive for HSV1 and HSV2 (I got her tested ) and the values were igg hsv1 = 2.9
igg hsv2 = 1.2 .

My penis skin got completely burned and swollen with one bump and was full dry .
After 1 month when i did an Urine culture it showed presence of E.coli .I had anti biotics for that and Now my UTI symptoms are cleared (Confirmed by physician)
I did non specific elisa elisa test on the 46 th day after the exposure .Came out negative 0.25 igg and 0.65 for igm .

Now my UTI symptoms are gone .But my skin is still dry and I have some tingling on my legs and inner thighs .

Now I did a type specific HSV test on 75 th day and came out negative for both .
values : igg hsv1 = 0 .02 and hsv2 = 0.04 .igm hsv1 0.04 and hsv2 = 0.05 .

Do I need to worry more .Do you experts think that I am infected with herpes 1 or 2 .

Kindly help .I had my Hiv Rapid test on 60 th day and came out negative

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Your negative for both so you can now move on with your life.
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