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igg value increase for HSV I and II Combine Elisa test


I am an inhabitant of a country where it seems that medical tests worn out by time are more popular. I have been to several clinics and hospitals, and all of them offer Elisa combined tests for HSV I and II for igg and igm antibodies. While I know igm tests are useless, my question is related to the igg factor.

About a year ago I was involved in unprotected sex with a partner whom I had known for a while and trusted completely. We broke up and then I waited three months to get tested because I had learnt that igg antibodies take time to develop. When I tested after three months, the combined result for HSV I and II igg value was 0.35 which is clearly negative.

I have not been involved sexually ever since, and then for safety's sake I got re-tested in December (which would be about 13 months since last sexual encounter). This time I did the test in another clinic and the value for igg antibodies for combined HSV I and II came out as 0.74

While the result is still negative, I am worried about the increase in the value. Most of the forums here state that a value under 0.90 would mean there is no herpes infection, still I would like to know why there has been an increase in the igg level? Does this mean there is a verrrry slow seroconversion happening (which is still not positive even a year after sexual activity) or is it a given fact that every time the same subject gets tested and is negative for herpes, the index value could still be anything between 0.1 to 0.8?

Basically put- Can I safely assume I have no HSV infection, or do I take a test again three months later to be sure?

I would be really happy if I obtained some information on this. Thanks!
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Hi and yes  you can assume your negative. Slight raises would not be any concern. Anything belfow 1 is negative.
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Thank you so much for the assurance. However, if you could answer one last question from me I would be grateful :) :

Is it possible for Igg levels to seroconvert to positive even after 13 months after the sexual encounter? If so, what are the possibilities of such a thing happening ( as in, is it rare, or is it common and expected)?
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Not really, only a theoretical chance that the blood test doesn't detect your particular antibodies. You are negative for HSV. The combined tests are quite notorious for false positives, a proportion of people who test low positive on combined tests then test negative with type specific testing.
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Thank you so much. I really appreciate the help I have received here. Thanks again.
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