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is this a outbreak

on feb 8 i shared a cigarette with someone in which i notice after the fact he had pimple looking sore on his top lip,and now its mar 3rd.. have now tiny little cut on the inside of my top mouth lip and beside looks like a boil or blister..and feels like somone punched me in the mouth.. are these the symptoms of herpes?.
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you will not get herpes from sharing a cig with someone.

this doesn't sound like oral herpes at all. see your provider for proper testing if you are concerned.

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what about sharing a drink? im worried
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as you were told previously, as an adult, oral herpes is almost exclusively transmitted through romantic type kisses.

have you ever been tested to know your own herpes status? a lack of obvious cold sores doesn't mean you don't have hsv1 yourself.

cigarette smoking is far more of a health risk than oral herpes will ever be!!
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last year april i got test for herpes and returned negative and Grace thanks for the support  and advice.. i will try to adjust back to normality ....thanks again
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