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is this herpes? 2 negative igg blood test, 3 months apart.

i been dealing with this for some time now, please help.
in september 2016 i had sex with a girl twice unprotected(herpes positive found out almost a year later). then i had sex with another girl in april 2017 i felt fine. then sex with other girl in agust 2017 most recent sexual contact.  everything was fine, until in september 2017 i friend called me and told me the girl i had sex with in september 2016 was herpes positive. then i went panic mode, i had an irritation between my scrotum and anus that was burning, around september 2017, i used jock itch cream and went away, in the mean time while i was using that cream, since i was panicking, i went to my family doctor told him what was wrong he said it was an irritation, probably because i wiped to hard and remember i had minor diarrhea at that time so he ordered blood work for sexual diseases but herpes(all came back negative). he said it wasnt herpes, but i still went to a urgent care clinic doctor told me it wasnt herpes but still ordered a blood work thru quest diagnostic, results were:
hsv1 type specific <.90 antibody not detected
hsv2 type specific <.90 antibody not detected
index                         interpretetion
1.09                            positive
it gave me a piece of mind. so it all went away. so i thought everything was fine.
now in January 2018 i woke up with my boxers wet, felt my groin really wet and light burning sensation on my scrotum, so went back to my family doctor and prescribed me a cream for yeast infection and started using it helped a little bit, then again went to the urgent care physician told me to stop worrying about herpes since ther is no lesions but still to give me a piece of mind he ordered again blood work for herpes and again results were:
hsv 1 igg, type specific    <.90  antibody not detected
hsv 2 igg, type specific    <.90
index                         interpretetion
1.09                            positive
so to make everything short, during this recent year i been going to my family doctor for blood work everything came back negative except for hepatitis A which he told me to get vaccinated and to not worry to much for that, urologist for some dysuria and mild pain in testicle did urine test came back negative, also to a dermatologist because of the burning sensation in my genitals, anus. and prescribed me clocortolon cream 0.1%, it did help with the burning, clammy and sticky genitals, mild pain in penis dk if it is because i touch it to much trying to see something that is not there, but symptoms still there, i been really stressed about it, and recently my lower back, buttocks and inner thigh started hurting, some abdominal pain too. i have this cough for a while and feel like is the reason for the pain maybe idk.
now today my penis feel still clammy, cold feeling, the skin it doesn't feel the same, maybe because of all the stuff that i was prescribed, no bumps or lesion in all this time. when testicles touches my thigh feels warm sometimes hot, burning comes and goes, and urethra hurts also too maybe some reason i touch it to much. anus is irritated and burns with bowels movements, sometimes.
im sorry for my spelling and maybe i didnt explain myself right, i just need help of what should i do next. another herpes test?   or posible cause of this? :(
body ache could it be because of the anxiety and stress i have?
i been thinking to go to a therapist since i was told by my dermatologist that the burning sensation could be of a pinch nerve, by the way i sit all day at work for the past  year till now, if that helps.
help please.
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Help anyone? Pls
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So first, you are basing this off a rumor that a friend told you. You don't even know for sure that this girl has herpes. Even if she does, you don't. Your tests are conclusively negative. Believe science.

Now, your symptoms - none are related to herpes. Herpes doesn't cause abdominal pain, nor coughing, and while it could cause itching, tingling, etc., none of this started until you heard she had herpes. That sounds like anxiety and hyper awareness to me, especially because testing found nothing to cause this.

You can put this past you, and remember that she may not even have herpes. This could all be a vicious rumor. Your friend may mean well, but he could have heard something that wasn't true. In any case, it doesn't matter what she has or doesn't have now because you don't have it. If you hear that rumor again, you could be a good guy and tell people to stop spreading rumors, or not, but believe science when it tells you that you don't have it.

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thank you so much for answering , i truly appreciate it
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