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itchy red and sore vagina. herpes or yeast infection?

first things first i've never been tested for herpes, but my boyfriend was a virgin when we met. a couple days after we had sex for the first time he got these little pimples on his penis, he went to the doctor, got tested, and they say he has herpes. now i've never been tested because i never knew i had herpes, and i never have noticed any bumps or pimples or anything. but apparently i have herpes. :(

in the past (like a year ago) my vagina has burnt when i have to pee and i thought it was a yeast infection because i googled the symptoms and it was exactly what i had. i used some canesten and it got better within 2 days. but now im thinking maybe it was a herpes outbreak?

anyways 4 days ago i shaved my vagina and the day after my vagina was really itchy. i tried not to itch it but couldn't help it. i put hydrocotozone on it (thinking its razor burn) and it got better. the next day it felt much better but towards the night it got itchy again and its been itchy for the last 3 days. it burns when i pee, when i walk its irritating, and it looks really dry and REALLY red. i put some lotion on it last night but that just made it sting so i wiped it off.

ive had kind of like a whiteish, liquid discharge that is a bit chunky but it doesn't smell or anything. does anyone know or have any idea what could be wrong? do you think its a herpes outbreak even though i have no pimples i can see?? please help :( im going to the doctor tomorrow but i need to know now whats wrong!
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self treating for yeast is never a good idea. women only correctly self diagnose yeast 1/3 of the time which leaves you at risk for not getting a proper diagnosis of what is really going on FAR more often than the odds are of you guessing right.  

topical steroids are known triggers for genital herpes. going to be seen and getting a proper exam and testing done is the best course of action. also get a type specific herpes igg blood test done too.

when your partner was diagnosed as having herpes - what testing was done? does he have hsv1 or hsv2 genitally?

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